Klon or Klones? A legend under the lens

A Klon Centaur and a selection of Klones pedals

Few pedals exist out there whose legendary status and hype have peaked as high as that of Klon’s Centaur overdrive. This pedal, worth a couple of hundred bucks when it first came out, is currently sold online for over two thousand dollars, making it more expensive than legendary fuzzes such as the Big Muff Pi, […]

Going big on mini pedals


As the first guitar pedals hit the market back in the 1960s, they did it as encumbering, hefty boxes that looked as gritty as they often sounded. Legendary giants such as the original Fuzz Face or Big Muff Pi were almost 20cm long (7.9 inches), and easily weighed more than 0.5 Kg (1.1 lb).  For […]

Choruses, Phasers, and Flangers: Phase-Shifting Secrets

We’ve all fallen in love at some point in our life with a well-modulated guitar sound, likely more than once. It’s something that goes beyond the grittiness of distortion or the vastness of reverbs and delays. It’s a harmonised shimmer, a goose-bumps raising feeling of longing and nostalgia which catches your breath and makes you […]

Magnets and Coils – A Guitar Pickup Cheatsheet

Mounting a pickup

Everyone knows that electric guitars and guitar amplifiers are as much an inseparable duo as Batman and Robin – plug the former into the latter and legendary tones are just a few strokes away. Hit those same six strings when the guitar is on its own, though, and… well, not so much.  The secret to […]

We Have A BOSS Addiction!

We Have A BOSS Addiction! It’s official, we admit it … we’re addicted to BOSS pedals and so are you! It‘s clear that this addiction is an extension of our love of playing guitar and the gear around it extends our sonic capabilities.  That said the gear itself is vast with new companies starting everyday, […]

The Ultimate Cartridge Comparison Tool

The Ultimate Cartridge Comparison Tool Welcome to Hi-Fi made easy – and fun! If you have ever been on a frantic search for the perfect turntable cartridge to match your Hi-Fi system, and found yourself lost in endless phono cartridges reviews and technical specifications sheets, well, we have been down the same frustrating path. But […]

Analog Alien

analogalien logo

Based on the desire to recapture the legendary analog tones of the ‘60s and ‘70s, Analog Alien pedals are made to deliver the quality, dependability, amazing tone and hands-on touch that is essential for today’s recording or performing musician. Founded in 2009 by Joe and Jack Napoli, Analog Alien has built an impressive following of […]


martin logo

The family-run C. F. Martin & Co. have been building high-quality acoustic instruments since 1883 through six generations. Founded by German immigrant cabinet maker Christian Frederick Martin in New York City, the company relocated headquarters shortly after to Nazareth, Pennsylvania in 1839, where they are still based today. The Nazareth premises is also home to […]


Ibanez logo

Ibanez guitars began their story with Hoshino Gakki, a music products and manuscript manufacturer, in Nagoya, Japan, in 1908. Hoshino Gakki imported high-end classical guitars from renowned builder Salvador Ibáñez in the late 1920s and began making their own guitars by the 1930s, adopting the name Ibanez. When rock n’ roll steered markets toward electric […]


Electro-Harmonix logo

Few can deny the effect pedals such as the Big Muff fuzzbox have had on the sound of the guitar from its initial design in 1969 to this day. Its bass-heavy sustain, designed to mimic the fuzz tones of Jimi Hendrix would revolutionize fuzz in the sounds of many legendary players in the course of […]


Lowden guitar logo

George Lowden built his first “guitar” at the age of ten. “My friend Alan French and I made two “guitars” with the help of his dad, who was a boat builder in Groomsport, County Down. The “guitars” had fishing line for strings, bent over nails for frets, and a square soundbox!!”. Years passed since that day and […]


Duke is a mid price acoustic and classic guitars brand under the Hanika umbrella. It is no wonder Duke guitars sound and feel so well. They are practically being set up by the Hanika factory in order to assure a high quality level. The quest after a good acoustic guitar which will not cost a […]

Carl Martin

Carl Martin logo

The electric guitar is the way many people around the world express themselves, that’s a fact. But the true magic begins when connecting the electric guitar to a high-quality effect pedal. From something that sounds good comes something that sounds unique. Carl Martin is in the business of making you sound unique! Their distinctive and […]


aclam logo

Aclam guitars is a company based in Barcelona with years of experience that loves music and enjoys designing products that end up becoming reality. Their baggage is a guarantee and their commitment is total to the quality of our products. Visit manufacturer page


EBS logo

EBS Sweden AB was founded by Bo Engberg (CEO) and Mats Kristoffersson (Technical Director) in 1988 in Stockholm, with one goal in mind – to build high-end bass equipment. The first product they launched was the EBS-1 rack-mounted bass preamp. After selling three of their EBS-1 units to three excellent bass players (Flea: Red Hot […]


BOSS logo

BOSS is a division of renowned Japanese musical equipment manufacturer, the Roland Corporation. Effects pedals, multi-effect pedals, electronic tuners and pedal boards formed the basis of their output for many years and today they have expanded their product line to include digital studios, rhythm machines and other electronic musical equipment. Their first products emerged in […]


MXR Logo

Former high school buddies Keith Barr and Terry Sherwood were in their early twenties and making a living repairing audio equipment from their basement apartment when they founded MXR in 1972. They had been unimpressed with the tone, build quality and general character of existing effects pedals, and sought to bring some colour into the […]

Earthquaker Devices

Earthquaker Devices Logo

EarthQuaker pedals have established themselves as one of the leading brands in boutique pedals since their beginnings in 2004. Founder Jamie Stillman started out on his own in Akron, Ohio and gradually expanded to include a team of passionate pedal makers, including his wife, Julie. The EarthQuaker family pack their pedals full of character and […]


Furch Guitars Logo

Back in 1981, when the Czech Republic was still Czechoslovakia, the first “Furch to come” guitar was born. It was made in hiding, as the communist regime disallowed all private enterprise. Despite the danger of getting caught, František Furch could not resist his insatiable desire for all things musical and went on with doing it […]

Diamond Pedals

diamond pedals logo

Diamond Pedals brings an immense amount of innovation to the world of guitars. The company’s pedals are found on pedalboards of world famous guitar players. For example, The Edge uses the Diamond VIB1 Vibrato, Andy Timmons uses the TRM1 Tremolo and Ed O’Brien and Johnny Marr use the CPR1 Compressor. Diamond Pedals was founded by […]