EBS Sweden AB was founded by Bo Engberg (CEO) and Mats Kristoffersson (Technical Director) in 1988 in Stockholm, with one goal in mind – to build high-end bass equipment. The first product they launched was the EBS-1 rack-mounted bass preamp.

After selling three of their EBS-1 units to three excellent bass players (Flea: Red Hot Chilli Peppers / Jimmy Earl: Chick Corea Band / Billy Talbot: Neil Young & Crazy Horse) EBS received the recognition that it deserved. In 1993 their first pedal effect, the EBS Octa Bass was born and in the same year EBS started to produce their first Bass combo Amplifier – The Taurus 240.

Today EBS produces tube and transistor bass amps, bass cabinets, combo amps, pedal effects and accessories. Besides producing a wide range of high quality and successful products, EBS Sweden AB provides a distinct endorsement policy. Artists like Billy Sheehan, Tal Wilkenfeld, Marcus Miller, Tony Levin and many more are signed by EBS.

Whenever you check a bass player’s pedal board and gear, you’re most likely to find at least one EBS product.

After creating such a name for themselves in the bass world, EBS decided it’s time to use their vast knowledge and experience for the sake of guitar players too. The truth is, that guitar players used EBS’s bass pedals in their rig cause they’re simply great. Gladly, now they can enjoy “all electric guitar” pedals with EBS’s ‘Red Label Pedals’ series which contains three well thought-through guitar pedal effects including reverb, flange/chorus and compressor.