We Have A BOSS Addiction!

It's official, we admit it … we’re addicted to BOSS pedals and so are you!

It‘s clear that this addiction is an extension of our love of playing guitar and the gear around it extends our sonic capabilities. 

That said the gear itself is vast with new companies starting everyday, so how does a company from the 70’s still create the “fizz” of excitement with every new release in people who deal with new guitar gear every single day. 

We’re no psychologists but the first place BOSS pedals hit us with is the nostalgia of tones from songs of our childhoods. The most obvious of these would be the Re-201 & CE-1 / 2 and with the waza craft series we can revisit those easily plus great new tones.

A few weeks before writing this blog BOSS announced the new RE:2 compact pedal so you can now get those Space Echo textures straight from a compact BOSS pedal.

So to summarise, we get to sound like our heroes which is a part of why most people pick up the guitar to start with.

But that’s not all, BOSS do not place all their chips on their heritage, they constantly innovate. The two biggest tone geeks within the TonePedia team (Elad & Lee) often discuss how the Waza Air headphones are the best things they’ve bought in years.

BOSS’s Katana range of amps has revolutionized the amp market out selling everything else on the market. Today they announced a Bass version … we didn’t see that coming and our ears are firmly fixed to the ground when it comes to new gear.

The 500 Series range and GT-1000 CORE are class leading well priced and great sounding adornments to any pedalboard which took what was previously possible and smashed the mold. The engineers at BOSS HQ must be some of the best in the world to come up with these things. 

Then there’s the clever 200 series pedals which bridge the gap between players who want just a bit more than the compacts provide but still in a very easy to use package. 


A lot of the excitement also comes from the consistent regularity of product releases and the fact you never know quite what to expect next. Take the TB-2w for example, never before had BOSS made a pedal based on another company’s design but when they did, it was not a clone, it was a collaboration with Sola Sound themselves.  

What’s coming next could be almost anything, synth, delays, drives, something to make your guitar sound like a kangaroo … who knows but we’re excited to see it because every single release is simply amazing and this is why we’re addicted to BOSS pedals.