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One of the biggest names on the bass scene providing the biggest sound, Aguilar’s team is comprised of bass players who build gear from the musician’s perspective. With products ranging from effects pedals to top-of-the-line pre-amps, they are the leading brand in high-quality bass gear. Like most of the best names in the music business, Aguilar began their journey with the pursuit of better tone.

President of Aguilar, Dave Boonshot, moved to New York in the 80s and started his own production company and studio when session work as a bass player appeared to be drying up for him. His experience from the side of production and recording opened up a deeper level of what went into his instrument’s sound. He set out to have a custom pre-amp built that would offer the equivalent sound of higher end models such as Neve or Telefunken. Through Roger Sadowsky, of Sadowsky amps, Boonshot became aware of the work of Alex Aguilar. Boonshot tried out a prototype the two had worked on that would eventually become the Sadowsky preamp.

The DB 680 was the result of the collaboration that followed between Aguilar and Boonshot. They knew were on to something very special with the DB680 and in 1995, formed Aguilar Amplification. A wide range of amazing products followed soon after and quickly they were making cabinets, heads, pickups and effects pedals created with top of the line engineering with the bass player at the centre of their focus.

Aguilar have continued to push the boundaries of bass tone after 20 years in the business and have the leading bassist’s in the industry heavily dependent on their gear. Eric Smith (Rihanna) describes his rig of six GS410’s; “I have never used any rig with so much booty”.
Aguilar Agro

With Agro Aguilar has built an overdrive pedal specifically for the bass. Agro is an AG500 saturation channel based peda

Aguilar Fuzzistor

Aguilar’s Fuzzistor is a bass effect pedal that provides a powerful fuzz sound. Like all Aguilar pedals also the Fuzzist

Aguilar Tone Hammer

The Aguilar Tone Hammer is a powerful direct box / preamp/direct box which will bring back the life to your bass so

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Ampeg’s line of meticulously crafted bass amp products are known and loved as one of the world’s leading brands in big, clean, punchy sound. Ask anyone why they choose Ampeg and the common denominator comes down to their unrivaled tone. They’ve built a solid reputation for durability, quality and tailored their products for the needs and desires of some of the world’s leading bass players from the practice room to the stadium.

The name Ampeg came from one of founder's Everett Hull and Stanley Michaels’ first ever products, a double bass pick-up, the "Amplified Peg”. Hull and Michaels set out in 1946 to develop pickups and instrument amplifiers with minimal output distortion, a quality favoured by jazz players at the time.

From it’s humble beginnings as the anti-rock n’ roll jazz players’ choice, Ampeg grew to revolutionize the sound of the electric bass in the late sixties with the help of guitar guru Dan Armstrong. They pioneered Super-Valve Technology to create their famous SVT amp, “the biggest, nastiest bass amplifier the world had ever seen”. The SVT would change the path of both Ampeg and bass amplification for years to come with an unprecedented 300 watts of RMS power, a hit for bigger venue gigs becoming the standard at the time.

Many of Ampeg’s most popular staples today owe their origins to models created at the outset of the company. The B-15 models, released in the 60’s are a favourite for Stax records legend Donald “Duck” Dunn’s. The Portaflex series, created by Jess Oliver in the late 1950s, remains a classic choice for high-output playing with lightweight, portable design. "Why Ampeg? "Because of the quality of sound and if it ain't broke, don't break it!"- Bootsy Collins.
Ampeg SVT-VR & Classic SVT-410 HLF

Tubes, tubes, and more tubes! The new Ampeg SVT-VR is a vintage reissue of an early 1970s “Blue-Line” SVT head. The prea

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Antelope Audio

Antelope Audio MP32 / Orion 32+
TonePedia Antelope units.png

For all DI demos we do we use Antelope Audio.The Orion 32 was the 1st U1, USB audio interface which offers 32 I/O analog

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Bassart Guitars

Bassart guitars is a one man show, run by the German luthier Mathias Meyer. The perfect composition of playability, uniqueness and down-to-earth approach of Matthias make Bassart guitars great instruments.

The boutique brand started it's official way in 1996 in Braunschweig, Germany. Matthias originally opened his shop as a bass-only one, where he built a small amount of bass guitars per year. As the years went by his bass guitars received recognition among local players which brought the demand to Bassart made electric 6 string guitars. Much like the bass guitars by Bassart, the electric ones have unique yet familiar designs.

Matthias strives for good tone, and that is what leads him. His guitars and basses often look as they sound, which is a great additional value to an instrument.
Bassart Guitars D CAT Custom Deluxe

Bassart guitars is a one man show, run by the German luthier Mathias Meyer. The perfect composition of playability, uniq

Bassart Guitars Roaddog

Bassart guitars is a one man show, run by the German luthier Mathias Meyer. The perfect composition of playability, uniq

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B&G Guitars

B&G Guitars was founded by Eliran Barashi and Yotam (Kiki) Goldstein, skillful and expert luthiers in the field of vintage guitars from the golden era, and Avi Goldfinger – an artist and entrepreneur.

From the B&G Guitars website:
We are devoted to one thing only – creating the best sounding instruments on the market.

Our guitars are gimmick free. We create a full perfectly well-balanced unique and original instruments that will grow on you, we build instruments that will ignite your passion for the only thing that matters – playing the guitar.

Our designs are the outcome of our secret sauce we found to be the golden rule in creating great instruments, and the result of a meticulous study of what made models from early 20’s to the mid 50’s such timeless classics.

In order to create the best sounding guitars we have one simple rule - everything must be made by ourselves:
We cast our own brass hardware from a unique alloy that conducts the fullest frequency range, we even use thick brass pickup covers to isolate the coils instead of pressed tin covers.
We wind and make our own pickups, we mix and blend our own paint and nitro lacquer and we use our rare stock of aged wood such as Brazilian Rosewood, African Mahogany, Honduran Mahogany and Eastern maple (some of it is 90 years old!)
We even make the glue and grain filler we use.

The result is consistency in the quality and the sound of our instruments. As a small workshop, we control and pay very careful attention to crafting the sound. If it’s not perfect to our ears it doesn’t leave the shop.

Our main approach is the Plug and Play - that is, a great electric guitar must sound great when you plug it to a clean amp and there is only one cable between the amp and the instrument.

We love what we do.
B&G Guitars Crossroads LS Non-Cutaway

The B&G Little Sister private build made a huge impact since it's first appear in 2014. Building handmade guita

B&G Guitars Private Build LS Humbuckers Cutaway

The story of the Little Sister guitar began from the puzzling question of how the early delta bluesmen were able to fasc

B&G Guitars Crossroads LS Cutaway

The B&G Little Sister private build made a huge impact since it's first appear in 2014. Building handmade guita

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Blackstar HT-Drive

From clean tube boost to a fat tube distortion, the Blackstar HT Drive is a one mean machine.The guitar's best frie

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BOSS is a division of renowned Japanese musical equipment manufacturer, the Roland Corporation. Effects pedals, multi-effect pedals, electronic tuners and pedal boards formed the basis of their output for many years and today they have expanded their product line to include digital studios, rhythm machines and other electronic musical equipment.

Their first products emerged in the mid 1970’s. The B-100 came with a clip-on pre-amp and pickup to amplify acoustic guitars, then the CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, which was a stand-alone unit of the chorus/vibrato circuit found in the Roland JC-120 amplifier. Their line of compact pedals began in ’77 with the release of the OD-1 (overdrive), the PH-1 (phaser) and a parametric equaliser called the Spectrum (SP-1). Every year after they would go on to release pedals and units that became staples from practice rooms to legendary albums on shelves around the world today.

Their DD-2 Digital Delay, was the first mass-produced digital delay in a compact pedal format, later versions featured on the pedal boards of the likes of Prince and Thom Yorke and Slash. In ’92 they released 9 new pedals, including the Turbo-Distortion (DS-2) (used by Kurt Cobain and Steve Vai) and the Heavy Metal (HM-2) distortion pedal which would go on to shape the sound of much heavy metal music since.

Their range today includes their best-selling single guitar and bass pedals, multi-effects units, guitar synthesizers, digital recorders, loop stations, acoustic pedals, vocal efx units, amplifiers, tuners and metronomes.
BOSS CP-1X Compressor

Multi-Dimensional Processing, intuitive layout and low noise ratio are making the BOSS CP-1X a prime guitar compressor p


The BOSS TR-2 Tremolo is designed to provide guitarists with classic tremolo effects in an easy-to-use compact pedal. De

BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone

The most famous distortion there is?While there is a debate on which Distortion is the most famous one, the BOSS Metal Z

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Carl Martin

The electric guitar is the way many people around the world express themselves, that’s a fact. But the true magic begins when connecting the electric guitar to a high-quality effect pedal. From something that sounds good comes something that sounds unique. Carl Martin is in the business of making you sound unique! Their distinctive and totally outstanding pedals will help you to personalize your music and make it even better. Founded in 1990 in Denmark, the Carl Martin Company produces a large line of guitar accessories including effects pedals, amplifiers and strings. Their reputation of providing innovative and unique products with "superior sound quality and features not seen on any other effect pedal” is widely known and well deserved. Used by an impressive number of professional musicians such as Andy Wood, Phil Soussan, Paul Nelson, Fred Turner, and more, it's not surprising they are the pedal supplier of choice for so many artists.

No matter if it is a crushing distortion pedal effect you’re after, a studio compressor built into guitar pedal, a bass chorus pedal or a great flanger effect, Carl Martin has it. With their impressive selection of pedal effects, Carl Martin is a sure bet for the unique guitar player.
Carl Martin Classic Opto Compressor

Welcome to the Classic Optical Compressor: a 100% analog old-school compressor from the days where colouring was an impo

Carl Martin PlexiTone Lo Gain

When less can be moreFollowing the success of the Carl Martin Plexitone and the single channel Plexitone, the guys at Ca

Carl Martin Single Channel AC Tone

The Single Channel AC-Tone is a smaller pedal-board friendly, single channel version of the original Pro-Series AC-Ton

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Crafter guitars’ story began in 1972 in the basement of the family home of founder HyunKwon Park, father of current owner, Inae Park. Originally named ‘Sungeum’, meaning ‘accomplishing the sound’, HyunKwon’s hand-crafted classical models enjoyed instant success amongst local musicians. By ’78 they stretched out to a larger premises in Yangju-gun, just outside Seoul, to fulfill growing demand. In 1986 Inae Park joined his father to conquer the global market. This is when they rechristened the company to ‘Crafter’.

In 2009 they expanded again to keep up with demand to a state-of-the art guitar factory that was the result of 5 years of planning and construction. In keeping with the family spirit of the company, they built the facility where the original factory existed so they could retain their original staff. It includes leisure rooms, a gym, restaurant, and chapel, for all the staff working there. 

Though utilizing cutting edge technology to craft their guitars, much hand craftwork still goes into each guitar and each instrument has a personality of its own, ‘just like the people who build them’. Now registered in more than 40 countries throughout the world, more than 60,000 instruments leaving the factory each year.

Their broad range of acoustic and semi-acoustic instruments documents the company’s program of continuous review and development. Their steady expansion in diversity of range reflects the needs of their pool of dedicated customers, seeking the Crafter tone.
Crafter DE-8/N

Crafter DE-8/N - When affordability meets great craftmanship.When it comes to price/value ratio , no one can overlook Cr

Crafter GCL-80/BRS

An all maple electro-acoustic guitar with the right looks and price!When it comes to price/value ratio , no one can over

Crafter JE-18/N

Jumbo indeed, and full of low/mid range. The Crafter JE-18/N is a joy to strum and extremely loud. Crafter use

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The D’Angelico company is no less than a legend reborn!

Born in 1905 in Little Italy, on Manhattan's Lower East Side, John D’Angelico became an apprentice to his grand uncle Signor Ciani when he was only 9 years old. Signor Ciano was an expert violin and mandolin maker. D’Angelico adopted the principles from his grand uncle and incorporated them into his world-renowned and strictly hand-made archtop guitars. He produced them in a very limited quantity — during the late 1930s John and his two employees produced approx. 35 instruments per year.

In the 1940s John D’Angelico was already known as the finest builder of archtop guitars although some generous offers were made by large manufacturers, John D’Angelico kept his independence as he knew that his loyalty lay on the craft of his instruments. In the cold winter of 1964, D'Angelico passed away from heart failure. He was only 59 years old.

47 years after D’Angelico’s death the brand was rebuilt by an enthusiastic and ambitious team in D’Angelico’s home town, New York City. The passion and meticulous attention to supreme sound and details which John was renowned for remained within the company.

D’Angelico, a legend reborn!
D'Angelico EX-175

Just breathe. You’re not seeing things. The EX-175 is the only D’Angelico archtop equipped with a Bigsby vibrato. With a

D'Angelico EX-DC

The EX-DC is D’Angelico’s response to the rising popularity of the double-cutaway semi-hollow electric guitar. Powered b

D'Angelico EX-SS

The EX-SS packs a lot of punch in its 15-inch body, the smallest of all the D’Angelico archtops. Truly a versatile instr

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Darkglass Electronics

It is hard to believe that Darkglass Electronics was only founded in 2009.

The Finnish company, led by it's Chilean founder Douglas Castro, has made quite an impact on the bass world. Their pedal effects can be found on the boards of famous players such as Tony Levin (King Crimson), Paul Turner (Jamiroquai), Billy Gould (Faith No More), Ra Díaz (Suicidal Tendencies) alongside many upcoming names in the industry.

Darkglass pedals are known to be extremely versatile, allowing the bass player to shape the pedal's sound to be exactly as he/she desires. Each circuit is well thought through and continuously refined, resulting in new models and versions being released every year. After 7 years concentrating on pedal effect manufacturing, in 2016 Darkglass electronic released it's first bass amplifier, the Microtubes 900.
Darkglass Electronics Vintage Microtubes

Warm tube-like tones with a natural dynamic response.Finding a good bass overdrive can be tricky. Overdrive pedals tend

Darkglass Electronics Microtubes 500 & DG210C
Darkglass Microtubes 500.png

The Microtubes® 500 is a 500W amplifier equipped with an all analog solid state preamplifier and a Class D Power Module.

Darkglass Electronics Microtubes B3K V2

A Perfect combination of brutality and clarity...The Darkglass B3K V2 is the successor of the renowned B3K CMOS which sh

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DPA Microphones

DPA Microphones 4006A Stereo Pair
Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 22.10.18.png

The d:dicate™ 4006A , a microphone for people who like their tone neutral.The Omnidirectional Microphone 4006A by DPA is

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Duesenberg marked their beginnings with innovation and catering for niches in the guitar market. They were responsible for the world’s first electric guitar kits in their previous incarnation as Rockinger guitars and the first ever fine-tuning tremolo, later renamed on the US market as “The Eddie van Halen Tremolo”. In the early 1980s, production of more tremolos, such as the Tellybrato and Lestrem, pick-ups such as the beloved P-90, pick guards and guitar bodies and necks, led to growth in the company and the production of the first Duesenberg guitar in 1986.

One of the more weird and wonderful brands out there, Duesenberg stand out for their aesthetic as much as for their craft and innovation. Known for their Art Deco style applications and unconventional colouring, their shape and design harks back to the craftsmanship in guitar design of the 50’s and 60’s. It was this stand-out design that gained them growth in sales when singer Sheena Ringo hit top 5 charts in Japan playing one of their mint green Starplayer series, leading to over a thousand sales for the brand.

Their Starplayer semi-hollow series has undergone many different makeovers over the years. Featuring a sustain-center-block, maple neck and arched back as well as an arched spruce top with a single f-hole, each with a unique finish. Signature models include the Starplayer TV Mike Campbell (of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers), Chris Whitley and Ron Wood (The Rolling Stones).

Duesenberg are serious about craft. The wood, hardware and pickups are all of highly evolved design, which they continue to refine to this day. Since 2009, every instrument is processed in the PLEK machine, a CNC based system that cuts and levers each fret within a tolerance of 1/100 of a millimeter. With names like Bon Jovi, Bob Dylan, Slash and John Mayer as fans, they’ve got the prof in the players!
Duesenberg Starplayer TV Mike Campbell I

The Starplayer TV is a semi hollow, dual pickup, 22 fret electric guitar, featuring arched top and back, bent sides and

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Duke is a mid price acoustic and classic guitars brand under the Hanika umbrella.

It is no wonder Duke guitars sound and feel so well. They are practically being set up by the Hanika factory in order to assure a high quality level. The quest after a good acoustic guitar which will not cost a fortune led the guys at Hanika to the east, where they tested factories, wood combinations and building techniques. Finally Duke came to life and it does not disappoint at all.

Three things you will find in almost every duke acoustic guitar are:
1. Healthy mid range
2. Really comfortable neck shape
3. A Shadow pickup system with a fantastic tone
Duke A-PF
Duke A PF.png

The Exceptional quality of Duke guitars really stands out in today's guitar market.The A-PF is a small body, 12-fret aco

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Earthquaker Devices

EarthQuaker pedals have established themselves as one of the leading brands in boutique pedals since their beginnings in 2004. Founder Jamie Stillman started out on his own in Akron, Ohio and gradually expanded to include a team of passionate pedal makers, including his wife, Julie.

The EarthQuaker family pack their pedals full of character and creative design. Each of their units is built completely by hand featuring bespoke graphics and quirky features. The team’s unique humour permeates the brand’s ethos. Their Speaker Cranker has only one setting for instance: “More”.  Aiming for the off-centre with weird and wonderful tweaks and combinations of standard effects, their pedals open up creative levels and sound worlds for players looking for psychedelic realms of character in their sound.

Guitarist Dallas Green of Alexisonfire rates the Disaster Transport SR as one of his favourites. The two-in-one pedal comes with expression controls for repeats and bleeds the two delay channels together, creating sounds hard to believe originating from a single unit. Another EarthQuaker fan is Omar Alfredo Rodriguez-Lopez of the Mars Volta and At the Drive-In. His favourites include the Rainbow Machine pitch shifter, featuring a button for “magic”, producing sounds that are exactly that and all the colours of the rainbow.

EarthQuaker takes care of their customers as if they were part of their own family, providing warranty with repair and replacement if anything should happen to your pedal. All that’s left in between then and your purchase is boundless rocking out.
Earthquaker Devices Bellows

The Earthquaker Devices Bellows is a transistor based overdrive to fuzz pedal. With only two knobs this device

Earthquaker Devices Bellows

The Earthquaker Devices Bellows is a transistor based overdrive to fuzz pedal. With only two knobs this device

Earthquaker Devices Acapulco Gold

When it's really good, one knob is enough!We just love the fact Earthquaker Devices equipped their Acapulco Gold distort

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EBS Sweden AB was founded by Bo Engberg (CEO) and Mats Kristoffersson (Technical Director) in 1988 in Stockholm, with one goal in mind – to build high-end bass equipment. The first product they launched was the EBS-1 rack-mounted bass preamp.

After selling three of their EBS-1 units to three excellent bass players (Flea: Red Hot Chilli Peppers / Jimmy Earl: Chick Corea Band / Billy Talbot: Neil Young & Crazy Horse) EBS received the recognition that it deserved. In 1993 their first pedal effect, the EBS Octa Bass was born and in the same year EBS started to produce their first Bass combo Amplifier – The Taurus 240.

Today EBS produces tube and transistor bass amps, bass cabinets, combo amps, pedal effects and accessories. Besides producing a wide range of high quality and successful products, EBS Sweden AB provides a distinct endorsement policy. Artists like Billy Sheehan, Tal Wilkenfeld, Marcus Miller, Tony Levin and many more are signed by EBS.

Whenever you check a bass player’s pedal board and gear, you’re most likely to find at least one EBS product.

After creating such a name for themselves in the bass world, EBS decided it's time to use their vast knowledge and experience for the sake of guitar players too. The truth is, that guitar players used EBS's bass pedals in their rig cause they're simply great. Gladly, now they can enjoy "all electric guitar" pedals with EBS's 'Red Label Pedals' series which contains three well thought-through guitar pedal effects including reverb, flange/chorus and compressor.
EBS MetalDrive

Distortion with full bottom! EBS MetalDrive Studio Edition delivers high-gain distortion for use in modern metal music,

EBS Red Twister

The EBS Red Twister Guitar Edition is an analog studio quality Chorus, Flange and Pitch Modulation effects for guitar. T

EBS MultiComp


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Effesk is a boutique pedal brand from the Netherlands.

Effesk's motto is “One knob is fine. Two knobs is pushing it. Three knobs and you’re out of control!” it is not an easy motto to stand behind and Effesk does it well. Creating pedal effects with up to 3 knobs, yet versatile, is not an easy task.

Effesk often uses vintage enclosures of children's toys, old cameras or obscure electronics for their pedals and that is simply awesome. Not only because you get a unique piece of art, but also support recycling.
Effesk Krankjorum

The Effesk Krankjorum is an in your face noise generator which will leave your crowd with open mouths and sore faces.Exp

Effesk Sonic Salvation
Effesk Sonic Salvation.png

The Effesk Sonic Salvation is a straight forward Fuzz pedal effect. It is such a great sounding (and looking) pedal you'

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Electro Harmonix

Few can deny the effect pedals such as the Big Muff fuzzbox have had on the sound of the guitar from its initial design in 1969 to this day. Its bass-heavy sustain, designed to mimic the fuzz tones of Jimi Hendrix would revolutionize fuzz in the sounds of many legendary players in the course of its life. Carlos Santana, David Gilmour, Metallica, KoRn, Jack White, The Edge, Billy Corgan would join the list of names whose sound the pedal became fus(zz)ed with. The band Mudhoney even titled their debut EP “Superfuzz Bigmuff”.

Founded in 1968, Electro-Harmonix was the brainchild of partners Mike Matthews (rnb keyboard player) and Robert Myer (electronic engineer) who set out to design a circuit which would create a distortion-free sustain ‘fuzz’, that was so popular at the time. The Axis fuzz pedal, sold under the name ‘Foxey Lady’ as a reference to Jimi Hendrix’s sound on the famous track and the Linear Power Booster (LPB-1), a simple line booster used by Matthews in testing to pre-amplify the guitar’s signal were the first pedals to go on the market. The LPB-1 massively boosted guitar signal to provide gain by clipping the signal, resulting in a raw, distorted sound, full of sustain and harmonics.

After a brief pause between the mid-80s and early 1990’s to develop re-branded vacuum tubes, Electro-Harmonix set to work with re-issues of their most popular models. It wasn’t till 2002 that their ever-expanding range of new models and pedal-combos began to emerge and further shape the sound of many of the industry’s most venerated musician’s sounds and processes. The Small Stone phase shifter would shape the sound of Jean-Michel Jarre, The Electric Mistress analog flanger; integral to guitar legend John Frusciante’s timbre. The Memory Man delay pedal was used by The Edge in “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. Electro-Harmonix pedals can be found everywhere in your favourite records and offer a wealth of creative possibility in crafting a unique sound.
Electro-Harmonix Memory Toy

The Memory Toy presents a pure analog delay for musicians who covet thick sound from a thin wallet. EH melds heritage wi

Electro-Harmonix #1 Echo

Electro-Harmonix has a reputation for quality delays and the #1 Echo is a prime example. The tone is ultra high quality

Electro Harmonix Bass Soul Food

The Electro Harmonix Bass Soul Food is an overdrive pedal for the electric bass guitar. It offers the following con

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The name "Epiphone" came from proprietor and founder Anastasios Stathopoulos’ son Epaminondas Stathopoulos' nickname: "Epi" and "phone" from Greek phon-, "sound"/"voice". The company began in 1873 in Smyrna, Ottoman Empire (now Izmir, Turkey), producing fiddles and lutes. Stathopoulo moved to Long Island City, New York in 1903 and continued to make his original instruments as well as mandolins. ‘Epi’ took over after his father’s passing in 1915 and named the company, “The House of Stathopoulo”.
The company began to make banjos after World War I and became the Epiphone Banjo Company. They produced their first guitars in 1928. They were taken over by main competitor at the time, Gibson, in 1957 in the aftermath of World War II but held onto its own line of archtop models, which remained sought after alongside their Gibson models.
Epiphone's history is dotted with legendary musicians. Guitar pioneer Les Paul, worked nights in the Epiphone factory in New York City to create "the Log", his prototype of what would eventually be called the "Les Paul." Beatles' bassist Paul McCartney chose an Epiphone Casino as his first American made guitar and John Lennon and George Harrison followed suit not long after. The Casino appeared on every Beatles album from Help through Abbey Road. Today, Epiphone can be heard on albums by Alabama Shakes, My Chemical Romance, Nirvana, Machine Head, Dwight Yoakam, The Strokes, Slash, Jeff Waters, Paul Simon, Radiohead, Lenny Kravitz, and Paul Weller.

New Epiphone technical breakthroughs such as the ProBucker™ pickup, built-in KillSwitch™ pots, the Shadow NanoFlex™ and NanoMag™ pickup systems, and premier acoustic/electric guitars with the eSonic™ preamp have brought Epiphone to a brand new generation and show no signs of them slowing down or getting stuck in any ways of an already stellar past.

Les Paul once said; "Epiphone always made a good guitar,” - strong words put lightly from one of the names most associated with the guitar in the history of the instrument.
Epiphone Hummingbird Artist

The Hummingbird Artist is Epiphone's take on the famous Gibson Hummingbird design. At a very affordable price, this guit

Epiphone SG Special

After the G-400 and G-310 models, now comes the Epiphone SG Special guitar with an incredible price/value ratio. Many pe

Epiphone EJ-200

The Epiphone EJ-200 brings back the historic acoustic guitar deservedly known as the “King of the Flat-tops,” the J-200.

more from Epiphone


When speaking about Fender the image of the Stratocaster comes to everybody's mind. The commercial success of Fender is iconic and none of the guitar manufacturers in the world was able to sell their electric guitars as Fender did, and it goes on until today.

In 1946 Clarence Leonidas Fender, also called Leo Fender, founded the Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company in Fullerton, California.
Fender is famous for it’s electric guitars and bass guitars but the manufacturer produces and distributes also acoustic guitars, electric basses, mandolins, banjos, electric violins, guitar amplifiers, bass amplifiers and PA equipment, found in nearly every genre: rock ‘n’ roll, country and western, jazz, rhythm and blues, and many others.

The legendary Fender instruments such as the Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars and Precision and Jazz bass guitars are globally recognized as design classics. Today Fender not only continues to make their iconic instruments but also own other well renowned musical instruments brands such as: Squier, Jackson, Charvel and Gretsch guitars. Furthermore Fender does a collaboration with Eddie Van Halen to make the EVH guitars and amplifiers.
Fender American Vintage '63 Precision Bass

The year 1963 marks an important moment in Precision Bass history, because that's when a comfortable new round-laminated

Fender CD-60CE

The CD-60CE is one of the best selling acoustic guitars in the world. Why? cause it's a Fender that costs around 300$ an

Fender Standard Precision Bass RW

Since its early-'50s introduction, the Fender® Precision Bass® guitar has remained the world standard for thick tone and

more from Fender

Fender Squier

In 1965 Fender purchased the V.C. Squier Company, a former string manufacturing company founded in 1890 by Victor Carroll Squier. Although initiated to market their strings under its own brand, Fender decided in 1982 to use the Squire by Fender brand for commercializing lower priced products. The success was immediate. Today, Squier is as famous as Fender. When it comes to price, Squier guitars and basses are unbeatable. That, along with their iconic design and sound characteristics make them a favourite choice for the beginner and intermediate guitar player. Squier by Fender products range from electric guitars to acoustic guitars, bass guitars and amplifiers. All of them will smoothly ease your way into the music-playing world.
Fender Squier Classic Vibe 70s P-Bass

Squier's Classic Vibe Precision Bass lineup presents a powerful ’70s-style model that evokes the instrument’s look and s

more from Fender Squier


Back in 1981, when the Czech Republic was still Czechoslovakia, the first “Furch to come” guitar was born. It was made in hiding, as the communist regime disallowed all private enterprise. Despite the danger of getting caught, František Furch could not resist his insatiable desire for all things musical and went on with doing it what he loves.

Within few years František Furch’s guitars were known for their premium quality and his instruments were the choice of many top musicians. In 1989, the Velvet Revolution and the fall of communism finally allowed František to realize his dreams without fear of persecution, and he set about forming his own manufacturing company. Furch Guitars was officially founded with František Furch and one employee in a small 20m2 workshop.

From that foundation day until today Furch guitars grew constantly. From being a domestic gem the word about the great sounding Czech guitar spread throughout Europe, increasing the demand for Furch guitars rapidly. In 1999, when Furch’s Millennium series was first introduced, there were already 25 luthiers working in the company.

Today, the Furch company sits in a 16th century mill complex which was transformed to a guitar factory. More than 50 employees work in the factory and put their hearts and souls into each and every guitar they make. The company is run by both František and his son Petr, and they continue to produce a range of top class instruments.

Furch is known for its constant experimentation with new design and construction techniques, applying modern research and technology on the quest to advance the acoustic qualities of Furch guitars. There is no question about the quality of Furch Guitars as testified by the top musicians using them; names such as Suzanne Vega, David Knopfler, Richard Smith, Glen Hansard and many more.
Furch D-35SR

The D-35SR is considered as the flagship of Furch's vintage Series. It is a well balanced, open and pure sounding guitar

Furch G-22SR Cut

G-22SR is the grand auditorium version of the 22 line by Furch, the first line in the Millennium series to come wit

Furch G-21SW

The 21 line by Furch, like the 20 line, is made with a more minimalistic approach so you could get a maximum guitar for

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Gibson HP 635 W

The Gibson HP 635 W is a classic sounding Gibson Square shoulder acoustic-electric guitar with enhanced playability and

Gibson SJ-200 Amber Quilt

The SJ-200 Amber quilt is simply a stunning guitar, made in 2016 as a limited run by the folks at Gibson guitars.The AAA

Gibson Songwriter Studio

The Gibson Songwriter series consists of fine, handmade guitars, which are intended to act as an all-arounder for the si

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Since 1887 until today, Höfner is one of the leading makers of stringed instruments offering a varied selection of guitars and basses in classic and unique shapes. Due to their iconic design, many of Höfner's creations are instantly recognizable by sight alone, and those that use a more standard shape can still be discerned by the impeccable quality of their sound.

Höfner is best known for their bass guitars, particularly the violin-shaped style that was initially made popular by Paul McCartney. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of this electric bass design, Höfner released the Contemporary Series, which combines a vintage appearance with a modern sustain block on the inside to create a sound that's as classic as the instruments' looks.

You can also find traditional hollow body bass designs in the Club Bass models; these have a rich, woody sound that's perfectly suited for '60s and '70s-style rock. As well, if you're a frequent traveler, you can't miss the Höfner Shorty Electric Bass. Combining a full-scale length with a uniquely compact body, this bass lets you take your music anywhere without a problem. The cousin to the Shorty bass is the Höfner Shorty Electric Travel Guitar, which follows the same principle of putting a full-scale neck on a miniature body.

Apart from that portable instrument, Höfner's specialty for guitarists is the classical acoustic guitar. They make a number of these, from cedar-topped models with laurel, mahogany and rosewood bodies to a special hybrid guitar with spruce and cedar together on top. Höfner's classical guitars are well-suited to novice and professional players alike.

With Höfner In your collection, you'll quickly understand what made this luthier the biggest maker of stringed instruments in their native Western Europe. Well-built and great-sounding, Höfner's guitars and basses live up to their reputation with ease.

Höfner HCT-VTH-D Verythin deluxe

The Höfner Verythin Deluxe (HCT-VTH-D) is a smaller bodied sister of the Verythin Contemporary.It is a semi hollow elect

Höfner HCT-500/7-SB HCT Verythin Bass

Inspired by the original Hofner Verithin bass from the 1960s the new Hofner Contemporary version of the Verythin Bass of

Höfner HCT-500/8-DC Verythin Longscale Bass

This is the 500/8 long scale (34") version of the ever famous Höfner Verythin 500/7 short scale bass. Specially created

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Ibanez guitars began their story with Hoshino Gakki, a music products and manuscript manufacturer, in Nagoya, Japan, in 1908. Hoshino Gakki imported high-end classical guitars from renowned builder Salvador Ibáñez in the late 1920s and began making their own guitars by the 1930s, adopting the name Ibanez. When rock n’ roll steered markets toward electric models, the company began to make budget guitars designed for export.

Already established on the American market, they switched their business model from cheap original designs to high-quality replica models of already established Fenders, Gibsons and other iconic American brands. This eventually resulted in a lawsuit from Gibson, which was settled 1978.

Their bold approach found it’s creative outlet in maintaining this level of craft with their own designs. Their guitars had already gained the attention of many high-profile artists in models such as the Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir and the Artist model, Kiss’ Paul Stanley and the Iceman and George Benson’s signature models.
Tailoring designs to artist’s needs would prove to be a definitive strength as the 80s and guitar-driven music rolled in. Their Saber (S series) and Roadstar (RG series) featured high-output pickups, floating double-locking trems, thin necks and deep cutaways. Guitar legends at the time such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Pat Metheny were allowed to spec their own tailor-made models, which made Ibanez stand out as the leading artist-driven manufacturer at the time.
With the rise of Nu-Metal in the 2000's they began to re-develop their 7, 8 and 9 string models, popularized by groups like KoRn and Limp Bizkit at the time and opened up yet another whole new market of young shredders.
Today they have many aspects of the market covered with these innovations, alongside a reputation with models such as the Artcore and Artstar, AS and AF series as competitors in the traditional guitar and bass markets. Ibanez’s adaptability and artist-driven approach has enabled them to grow and diversify the guitar market for decades like few other brands.
Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer

There's no doubt about it, the Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer is one, if not the most popular guitar overdrive out there. Guit

Ibanez AVD9

Ibanez's Artwood Vintage series is well known for its good price-value ratio. With the AVD9 Ibanez went even more "vinta

Ibanez TM302

The Ibanez Talman TM302 is a perfect starter's guitar and more!Getting around with the TM302 is pretty much a straight f

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Joyo products are rated extremely highly amongst their growing user base in terms of quality and affordability. With their simple, clean design, they combine user-friendly layout with high-end technology to produce a plethora of musical goodies for novices and experts to try out without breaking the bank. The feedback and confirmation of quality from their expanding pool of fans is one of consistent positivity and general reverence at their unbeatable price.
Manufactured and based in China, they have their own acoustic core technology in the pipeline for utility patents. Joyo are not just any cheap replicas. They are proving to be tried and passing the test for many adoring musicians out there. Many of their pedals are popping up on the Internet in comparisons with higher priced old favourite models and coming out as the winner in the ears of pleased players.
Their Ultimate Drive pedal, a supposed clone of the Fulltone OCD at a fraction of the cost, has been a hit with many users and proven just as satisfactory. The JF-08 Digital Delay is gaining a lot of attention as one of very few digi-delay units on the market you can get for less than a third of the typical price of most other models. From overdrive, amp simulators, chorus, flange, crunch, fuzz and wah’s, they have everything covered and then some.
Joyo Old School Distortion JF-313

With the OLD SCHOOL, the name says it all. Drawing its classic rock tone from a 2n3904 transistor, this tiny instant cla

Joyo AT Drive JF-305

The JOYO JF 305 AT Drive is an exceptional all round Overdrive mini guitar effects pedal. The Ironman mini guitar pedal

Joyo Time Magic JF-304

The JOYO Time Magic mini delay pedal is an analog sounding digital delay with all the great characteristics of a bucket

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KMA Audio Machines

KMA Audio Machines is a young pedal effects company from Berlin, Germany. All of KMA’s pedals are completely hand-made by Enrico Preuß who is a passionated engineer and musician. Enrico’s vision is to create high quality pedal effects which combines that vintage sound we love so much with a more modern design and functionality. The self made circuits by KMA Audio Machines and the special look of the pedals make them one of a kind.
KMA Audio Machines Wurm

The KMA Audio Machines Wurm is a roaring beast, full of destructive in your face distortionKMA called their 2017 re

KMA Audio Machines Minos

A True Germanium fuzz only much more versatileKMA Audio Machines' Minos is a germanium based fuzz pedal perfect for gara

KMA Audio Machines Fuzzly Bear

The Fuzzly Bear is KMA Audio Machines approach for a wide-range fuzz/distortion/overdrive pedal, which is based on the J

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Founder of Kremona guitars, Dimitar Georgiev believed everyone should have the opportunity to play music on instruments of the highest quality. A belief that remains integral to the Kremona philosophy today. Beautifully made classical, steel string, flamenco and speciality line guitars that are built to last and priced to suit every budget.

Former gunsmith and soldier on the fronts of Europe during WWI, Georgiev found solace from the gruelling trials of war in music and playing his mandolin. The continuous repair he had to carry out on his beloved instrument led to creating designs of his own which resulted in an apprenticeship in the famous town of Markneukirchen, Germany.

Kremona was established when he returned to Bulgaria in 1924 to start his own workshop with the help of his two brothers, and later two German master craftsmen. The brand flourishes today with the same family spirit and attention to craft and customer satisfaction with which they set out. Ease of playability and superb sound, unlike any other of their kind, make Kremona the choice of many players at all levels still to this day.

Some famous models include the Soloist S65C, a classical acoustic guitar that represents the culmination of over 80 years of Kremona guitar crafting. It’s rosewood headstock overlay, gold tuners, and a beautiful natural finish; make it a highly popular choice for traditional nylon-string players. The warmth and complex sound of the Solea classical guitar has been described as ’astounding’ with its solid cocobolo back and sides, a solid cedar top and a Spanish cedar neck. Each of their guitars is crafted with cautiousness and careful scrutiny all because Georgiev's passion for the music has never been forgotten.
Kremona M 20

The Kremona M-20 delivers vibrant trebles with lots of sustain, tight and open low end, and it's a one loud guitar.When

Kremona F 10

Laminated back and sides are what making the Kremona F-10 a more affordable guitar. But have no mistake here, it is a on

more from Kremona


Lag guitars began when Michel Lag, a talented musician and guitar enthusiast, inherited his grandfather’s leather workshop in Toulouse. Over a number of years, he developed the space and skills shared with a number of like-minded friends to set up as an official lutherie.

Like most speciality guitar brands, Lag’s beginnings trace their origins from a humble place of fresh enthusiasm and dedication to craftsmanship. Expanding in 1998 with a move to Bedarieux, where, for over a decade, they supplied a few thousand electric guitars to happy French guitarists supporting a local brand.

At the end of 2002 Gerard Garnier, founder of the Algam group, French leader in the manufacturing and distribution of musical instruments, took over to help the struggling company as it was about to close down. Garnier and Lag made complimentary business partners and Lag began to make a name for itself on the world market with their innovative modern designs combined with the finest traditional lutherie. Following a number of international awards and recognition in 2010, their Tramontane acoustic range would gain them footing as experts of craft in world markets.

In 2013 their legendary Roxanne Racing collection, described by Phil Campbell of Motorhead as one of the “best guitars in the world”, was launched and received with extremely high regard and a new Lag factory was opened. This success and growth lead to manufacturing moving to China and expansion of their range of guitars, maintaining their exceptional quality with an increase in affordability for their growing fan base.

Lag guitars are usually a great bang for the buck. The Tramontane T70ACE is a great example of that.It is a simple guita


The T300ACE by Lag is a great mid-level / the on-tour guitar player kind of guitar.The solid Sitka Spruce and flamed Ova

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George Lowden built his first "guitar" at the age of ten. “My friend Alan French and I made two "guitars" with the help of his dad, who was a boat builder in Groomsport, County Down. The "guitars" had fishing line for strings, bent over nails for frets, and a square soundbox!!”. Years passed since that day and the Lowden name became one of the main names in Acoustic guitar making. Throughout the years Lowden guitars were manufactured in Ireland and Japan, under several ownerships until the year 2004, from which, Lowden guitars are built by George Lowden and his family, in a business that is owned by them.

Lowden Guitars 
are without a doubt some of the finest acoustic guitars on the planet! Their distinctive, rich tone makes Lowden guitars really one of a kind.
Lowden WL-50 AM/RW

The Wee Lowden 50 is an incredibly loud and full sounding small guitar.The 50 Series is known as the Lowden Custom shop

Lowden F-50 AB/RW
306_Lowden F-50.jpg

A Master grade guitar for the master player!Lowden's premium series is where ultimate guitars are born, the F-50 African

Lowden F-50c BW/AS

A Master grade guitar for the master player!Lowden's premium series is where ultimate guitars are born. The F-50c Baston

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Macmull Custom Guitars

Macmull Custom Guitars Heartbreaker

The Macmull Custom Guitars Heartbreaker is the newest oldest Telecaster style guitar we met!Vintage guitar lovers often

Macmull Custom Guitars S-Classic

The Macmull Custom Guitars S-Classic is a super lightweight guitar which delivers that elusive 50's style strat pun

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Mad Professor

Mad Professor Amplification Ltd. is a Finland-based company that has made premium quality guitar and bass pedals and amplifiers since 2002.

The Mad Professor Amplification is set for original designs, high-quality and musical tone.
Pedals with small footprint and easy setup and amplifiers with versatility and unsurpassed tone.
Thanks to a strong design team with decades of experience in guitar pedals and amplifiers, Mad Professor stays ahead of time with the quality and innovation of their products. While they seem “standard” on the outside, there is a lot of thought put into the circuit of each pedal and amp.

Another interesting thing is, that all Mad Professor products are actually tested with tens of different guitars and amplifiers to make sure the products work in every possible environment.

Mad Professor Amplification is famous for dynamic, touch sensitive tone pedals and full ranging amplifiers which will make any musician sound better.
Mad Professor Silver Spring Reverb

Silver Spring Reverb (SSR) is a compact, easy to use digital/analog reverb with a pure analog direct signal path. It cre

Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay

The Mad Professor Amplification​ Deep Blue Delay is a natural sounding digital / analog delay, with an analog direct sig

Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive

Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive (SHOD) is a touch sensitive low gain overdrive pedal hand made in Finland.It is desi

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The family-run C. F. Martin & Co. have been building high-quality acoustic instruments since 1883 through six generations. Founded by German immigrant cabinet maker Christian Frederick Martin in New York City, the company relocated headquarters shortly after to Nazareth, Pennsylvania in 1839, where they are still based today. The Nazareth premises is also home to the Martin Guitar Museum, housing over 170 classic guitars and memorabilia.

Through almost two centuries of technological and cultural development, Martin have been responsible for many of the innovations that are now standard for modern flat top, steel-string acoustic guitars. The family-run C. F. Martin & Co. have been building high-quality acoustic instruments since 1883 through six generations. Founded by German immigrant cabinet maker Christian Frederick Martin in New York City, the company relocated headquarters shortly after to Nazareth, Pennsylvania in 1839, where they are still based today. The Nazareth premises is also home to the Martin Guitar Museum, housing over 170 classic guitars and memorabilia.

Through almost two centuries of technological and cultural development, Martin have been responsible for many of the innovations that are now standard for modern flat top, steel-string acoustic guitar construction, including the Dreadnought body style, scalloped x-bracing, and 14-fret tenor neck (designed to entice under-employed banjo players to switch over to guitar during the Great Depression).

Martin have been the instrument of choice for many of the 20th century's most noteworthy players, including Jimmy Page, Neil Young, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Neko Case, Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, Joan Baez, Thom Yorke, Woodie Guthrie, Willie Nelson and countless others.

Martin offers instruments ranging from their low-cost DX range, built from laminated wood in their Navojoa Mexico factory, up to their hand-crafted Custom Shop models. They created their millionth guitar in 2004, a diamond and ruby-encrusted affair worth an estimated $1,000,000. r construction, including the Dreadnought body style, scalloped x-bracing, and 14-fret tenor neck (designed to entice under-employed banjo players to switch over to guitar during the Great Depression).

Martin have been the instrument of choice for many of the 20th century's most noteworthy players, including Jimmy Page, Neil Young, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Neko Case, Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, Joan Baez, Thom Yorke, Woodie Guthrie, Willie Nelson and countless others.

Martin offers instruments ranging from their low-cost DX range, built from laminated wood in their Navojoa Mexico factory, up to their hand-crafted Custom Shop models. They created their millionth guitar in 2004, a diamond and ruby-encrusted affair worth an estimated 1,000,000 dollars.
Martin DC-35E

Martin takes it's classic D-35 guitar and turns it to a stage beast to the professional working guitar player. Meet the

Martin 000-15M

Warm and rich mahogany tone with a perfect mix of tradition and innovation.The Martin 000-15M is a 14 fret auditorium si

Martin DCPA5K

The DCPA5K is one of Martin's most affordable Preforming Artist Series.It features a beautiful koa patterned high pressu

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Music Man

Formed by former Fender Vice President Forrest White, Fender amplifier builder and salesman Tom Walker, and Leo Fender himself (ostensibly as a silent partner owing to contractual agreements following the sale of Fender in 1965), Music Man began its life under the name Tri-Sonix in 1971.

Throughout the 1970s, the instruments designed by Leo were becoming brighter and harsher in character, owing to his increased difficulty in hearing. This coincided with the rise in popularity of slap bass technique, making the Fender-designed Music Man Stingray a big success with its active electronics and chunky bridge, offering a characteristically treble-heavy, punchy tone.

Leo left the company in late 1979 to found G&L, and Music Man faced an uncertain future, until it was purchased by guitar string set pioneer Ernie Ball (more specifically, his son Sterling) in 1985. They now offer a wide range of guitars, basses and amplifiers, including the introduction in 2003 of the Bongo Bass, an eccentric collaboration with BMW's Designworks team.

Music Man runs its operations using an open-source software policy, and since 2001 has paid a living wage to all employees at its San Luis Obispo plant.

Famous players of Music Man basses include Nathan East, Flea, Tony Levin, Squarepusher and Pino Palladino.
Music Man Stingray 4 MN

First introduced in 1976, the StingRay has been revered as one of the most iconic bass guitars in history. The StingRay

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Former high school buddies Keith Barr and Terry Sherwood were in their early twenties and making a living repairing audio equipment from their basement apartment when they founded MXR in 1972. They had been unimpressed with the tone, build quality and general character of existing effects pedals, and sought to bring some colour into the market.

Their initial offering, the Phase 90, quickly became one of the definitive phaser pedals in the guitarist's toolkit. Eddie Van Halen took advantage of its slow subtle sweep to make his guitar solos stand out when dealing with lousy PA systems and lousier sound engineers, and it can be heard on much of his recorded output.

MXR produced one of the first guitar multi-FX units in 1983, the Omni, offering sustain, distortion, delay, equalization, flanger and chorus in a single rackmount unit. Unfortunately, as with many professional audio companies, the early 1980s was a difficult time financially for MXR, leading to the bankruptcy of the company in 1984. Barr left the company to found Alesis, and Sherwood co-founded Applied Research & Technology. Jim Dunlop acquired the rights to the MXR brand and product line, and continues to create straightforward, high-quality effects pedals based on the original designs, as well as some modernized updates.
MXR Distortion Plus M-104

The MXR M-104 Distortion Plus (Distortion +) has been around since the 70's and is known to be the signature s

MXR 1976 Vintage Dyna Comp CSP 028

The MXR Dyna Comp that was produced in 1976 has long been regarded as the ultimate stomp box compressor. There’s somethi

MXR Dyna Comp M-102

One of the most popular compressors of all time, the Dyna Comp is the secret weapon on many stars' pedalboards. This box

more from MXR


Orange Gateway Driver

An Orange amp in a box The Orange Gateway Driver is an Overdrive pedal which will send you into vintage territory. It's

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Santa Cruz

Richard Hoover’s passion for the acoustic guitar gave rise to a burning desire to discover how they were made and equally important, how they worked.  In 1968, there was absolutely no information on the construction of the acoustic steel string guitars.  In pre-Internet days, the other independent pioneers of guitar building may just as well have been on other planets.

Copying the assemblies of the important brands was straightforward, compared to truly controlling the guitar’s voice. Hoover turned to the printed body of knowledge on centuries of violin refinement as the sole source of the true way.  Herein lay the key for taking his favored instrument out of the realm of the factories and into the enlightened practice of traditional lutherie. The quest included independent experimentation, the grace of mentors, countless repairs, restorations and the construction of numerous guitars and carved-top mandolins.

Throughout the process, a concept grew.  If I try to figure this out by myself it will take forever.  This simple frustration, voiced by Richard, would have a profound effect on the future of steel string guitar making.  If I hold true to the principals and ethics of lutherie traditions, I can work as a team with others to accelerate the learning curve without compromise.  This became the mission statement for the beginnings of boutique lutherie and the inspiration for the Santa Cruz Guitar Co.

We know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that through practice and study we will pursue ongoing improvement. Each of us has become masterful in our current specialties and collectively we embody nearly two hundred years of expertise.  By adhering to the principles of physics and the tried and true practices of lutherie, SCGC guarantees the most sophisticated instrument of its kind. We will assure maximum sustain and complexity of overtones and maintain consistency of balance and tone specific to each of our standard models. To accommodate the subjective nature and personal requirements of EQ, tone and presence, we offer our considerable talents to deliver exactly what you need in a custom instrument.

You will be in fine company with the world’s best players, including Eric Clapton, Doc Watson, Tony Rice, Warren Haynes, Elvis Costello and many others.

Welcome to the Santa Cruz Guitar Company.

Santa Cruz D Pre-War

The guys at Santa Cruz said about it that "The D/PW’s powerful volume, overtones and rich presence is an epiphany to the

Santa Cruz OM Grand

More of the famous OM acoustic guitarOM sized acoustic guitars are extremely popular among acoustic guitar players.

Santa Cruz D Model

The Santa Cruz D model is a new kind of a dreadnought acoustic guitar.Most acoustic guitar players will tell you, dreadn

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Sigma guitars were founded as a reaction to the dwindling output from US guitar manufacturers in the late 1960s in the wake of guitar sales becoming dominated by cheaper models coming from Japanese manufacturers catering to a lower-budget market. Sigma set out to create an American brand that would offer more affordable guitars to a fast-growing market.

Built by specially trained staff in Japan in state of the art factories, Sigma launched their first line of acoustic guitars to the US market in 1970. Models from this early period are highly sought after and extremely hard to find due to their outstanding quality. Premium components and materials such as solid Sitka spruce tops, rosewood and mahogany backs and sides, bone nuts and saddles and traditional rosewood bridges, give Sigma guitars their unique and much sought after tone and quality.

Focus on the tonal qualities of these earlier vintage models are mixed today with modern elements to produce a more open, warm tone with lots of mids and bass. They have established a somewhat legendary reputation as one of the leading brands in acoustic guitars over the 46 years they’ve been operating and withheld it to this day with their ever-growing base of satisfied customers.
Sigma 00M-15S

The Sigma 00M-15S Acoustic Guitar is part of Sigma’s leading 15 series and features a solid Mahogany top and Mahogany ba

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Sterling by Musicman

Sterling guitars by Music Man replaced the ‘SUB’ line of lower-priced “mid-range” instruments in 2009. These guitars catered to a budget market, ranging in price typically between a half or third of their “standard” instruments. The SUB series were still constructed in the USA but moving manufacturing to the Far East meant a further increase in affordability. Praxis Musical Instruments Inc. were licensed to build the new sterling models, which still include the SUB and S.U.B range today with updated features.

They Sterling line includes the classic StingRay SR50, with the original Fender Music Man design updated by the Ernie Ball Music Man design team. The Axis AXDOD with it’s Double Locking Tremolo and lock nut, zebra DiMarzio AXIS Humbuckers, 3 position selector with single volume control.

The John Petrucci (of Dream Theater) line includes the JP60 and JP70 (seven string), based on the JP Signature Series, featuring high quality, die-cast, locking tuning machines, and full float Modern Tremolo. JP Majesty with it’s “Unfettered fret access throughout, perfect balance and ultimate playability”, the JP100D, 150 and 1507 with African Mahogany bodies.

The Steve Lukather (Toto) LK100D, features “Push-push” active boost, passive tone control, 5-way balanced switching, classic “V” contoured neck. The Cutlass features 22 frets, 3 single coil Ernie Ball Music Man spec pickups with 5-way switching, Vintage Tremolo, and an oversized 4 + 2 headstock with locking tuning machines.

The Sterling range includes models with tailor features that have resulted in the distillation of years and years of expert tweaking from the highly dedicated Music Man and Ernie Ball group and focus on the needs and desires of the growing market for these mid-range budget instruments.
Sterling by Musicman S.U.B. Ray 4 MN

The Ray4 bass is the cousins of the Music Man StingRay 4 bass. Classic, iconic instruments that defined a generation of

Sterling by Musicman S.U.B. Ray 4 RW

The Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. Ray 4 BK is a four string electric bass guitar from the S.U.B. series with a fair price

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Named for luthier Bob Taylor, who was just 19 years old at the founding of the company with business partner Kurt Listug, Taylor Guitars has been producing acoustic and semi-hollow electric guitars since 1974. It has since grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of acoustic guitars in the USA.

Taylor Guitars are made in a 145,000 square foot manufacturing facility at their headquarters in El Cajon, California (open to the public daily for guided tours), with a second premises in nearby Tecate, Mexico, where their lower-cost models are created. They employ over 550 workers and build nearly 500 guitars per day. Taylor was recently awarded a U.S State Department Award for Corporate Excellence, citing its responsible practices in obtaining ebony for its guitars.

Renowned for their bright tone and popular for their smooth NT bolt-on neck system, Taylor Guitars are preferred by artists such as Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, Taylor Swift, Prince and Zac Brown.

The Taylor ES (“Expression System”) pickup system found in many models utilises a neck-mounted humbucking induction pickup and a pair of dynamic soundboard transducers mounted by the bridge and lower on the soundboard. These run to a Rupert Neve-designed pre-amplifier, offering reliably clear and expressive electro-acoustic tone.
Taylor 414ce

The acoustic/electric Grand Auditorium 414ce responds well to an array of playing styles thanks to Taylor’s proprietary

Taylor 214ce-SB DLX

The distinctive 200 Series Deluxe category is loaded with high-end performance appeal.A smooth sunburst adds vintage fla

Taylor 814ce

Taylor’s popular 814ce offers players the ultimate all-purpose guitar. Its balance, warmth and articulation are great fo

more from Taylor

TC Electronic

TC Electronic is a Danish audio equipment manufacturer founded by two musician brothers, Kim and John Rishøj. They started out producing guitar pedals, which were noted for their quality and technical advancement. The TC2290 delay was their first attempt at a19” rack mounted processor in 1985 and far surpassed any other unit at the time in terms of sound quality, delay time and modulation features, leading to it’s place as a studio, live and pro guitarist standard for decades to come.

This strong footing led to expansion covering the whole spectrum of audio equipment and placed them as one of the leading brands and developers in audio processing with unprecedented variety and technology to boast. Their products include the audio mastering system, System 6000, audio mastering tool the Finalizer, guitar pedals, guitar pedals and more guitar pedals, guitar tuners, of which they pioneered the much lauded polyphonic poly-tuners, acoustic processors, compact pedals and TonePrint pedals (digital TonePrints of famous guitar players), bass amps, PowerCore hardware and software, studio equipment, multi-effects processor FireworkX, software and PA, Installation and broadcasting products. Sister brand TC-Helicon is the leading brand in harmonisers and vocal processors today. They’ve got it covered.

From recording moguls to folk musicians, TC Electronics’ appeal is vast. Anthrax, Depeche Mode, Queens of the Stone Age, George Michael, Imogen Heap, Kraftwerk, Mike Patton, Skrillex, Kimbra, Snow Patrol are just a few names to endorse their product’s in their recorded and live work.
TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini Reverb

TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Mini is small but sounds very big! It’s one of the best Bonsai-Edition reverbs TC ever made.

TC Electronic Shaker Mini Vibrato

Shaker Vibrato has been the sleeper hit of the TonePrint series. Guitarists loved adding the life and vibe of both subtl

more from TC Electronic


Thorndal Duane '69

Feel the response and attack of your rig..The Thorndal Duane ’69 is a two in one pedal. Left switch is a boost - clear a

more from Thorndal


The Jennings Organ Company started shortly after the Second World War in 1947, but are best-known today for their renowned models of guitar amplifiers under the Vox brand. They launched the AC15 15w tube combo amp in 1958 and began their legacy at the heart of rock and roll music.

After being popularized by The Shadows, Vox struck an exclusive deal with The Beatles for exclusive stage use of their equipment, creating bigger and bigger configurations to contend with the increasing volume of their screaming audiences at the time. Other users around the time of the 'British Invasion' include The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and the Yardbirds. During their 1967 tour, The Monkees would emerge from an oversized Vox prop amp at the beginning of their shows.

Although less commercially successful, Vox were equally innovative with their guitar designs - with their iconic teardrop shapes, 12 string models, and experimentation with built-in effects and modified electronics. One such innovation was the ambitious, but ultimately unwieldy and unreliable Guitar Organ, which triggered an external organ module upon contact between the strings and frets. It was not very popular.

Vox were purchased by Korg in 1992, and continue to offer electric guitars and basses, amplifiers, fx pedals, and organs. Notable Vox players over the years have included Brian May of Queen, The Edge of U2, Radiohead, Paul Weller and Ian Curtis of Joy Division.
Vox MV50 AC

A One pound, 50W guitar amplifier that delivers an authentic tube sound. Are we dreaming?Vox's MV50 series offers seriou

Vox MV50 Clean

A One pound, 50W guitar amplifier that delivers an authentic tube sound. Are we dreaming?Vox's MV50 series offers seriou

Vox MV50 Rock

A One pound, 50W guitar amplifier that delivers an authentic tube sound. Are we dreaming?Vox's MV50 series offers seriou

more from Vox

Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio Voyager

More than a one-trick pony... The Walrus Audio Voyager can serve as a treble shaper, clean boost or as an overdrive.

more from Walrus Audio


For nearly 20 years, Xotic has been a leading innovator in sound, design, and tone. Starting out as a one-man operation in a garage in San Fernando Valley, Southern California, selling high-quality basses and bass amps. Xotic had an edge that set them apart from other established brands in the already saturated market in1996. The Tri-Logic Bass Preamp, built into all their models, was this edge.

Edge number two came in the form of the Robotalk 1, an ‘ultra-boutique’ pedal hand made from scratch in limited qualities. Selling remarkably well, the pedal set the standard for the company’s future approach to building pedals. Constructed with premium quality, high durability parts with great functionality and carefully selected components, their products quickly began to make a name for themselves and Xotic took their next steps to expand with the help of Prosound Communications Inc. 
PCI became the parent company and expanded the exotic brand to Japan. PCI Japan helped with importation and sales of Xotic guitars, basses, and pedals, which were fast becoming known for their amazing tone quality.

The Tremendous Trio; the Xotic AC Booster, RC Booster, and BB Preamp were introduced between 2002 and 2005 with tremendous success. By 2009 the demand for Xotic's brand became too great to stay working out of the tiny garage in San Fernando so they moved into their current production offices in Van Nuys, CA. This sparked a kick into overdrive and by the end of the year, Xotic had released one of its best selling pedals to date, the Xotic EP Booster.
From vintage pickups to impeccably crafted guitars and basses, Xotic have carved a place for themselves in the world market for high quality and niche musical gear.
Xotic Bass BB Preamp

The Xotic Bass BB Preamp is the bass version of Xotic's infamous distortion / booster guitar pedal; the BB Pre

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Yamaha began life as Nippon Gakki Company, Limited in 1887, originally producing pianos and reed organs, but has since expanded to become one of the best-loved musical instrument and audio equipment manufacturers in the world.

After expanding their business to include motorcycles, furniture, phonographs and archery bows, Yamaha began mass-producing electric guitars in the 1960s, beginning with the eccentrically-shaped SG range (“solid guitar”), before they settled into more conservative but high spec “superstrat” style offerings – known for their balanced warm tone and strong sustain.

In 1989, Yamaha opened their Guitar Development facility in North Hollywood, California and recruited ex-Ibanez luthier Rich Lasner. Working with Leo Knapp, they launched the Pacifica range of entry-level electric guitars in 1990, which were an instant hit with students and budget rockers alike. The company began to become more experimental in their approach to building instruments, creating six-string bass guitars and bridge-mounted piezo pickups, extending the tonal capabilities on offer.

The full Yamaha product range now includes FX pedals, amplifiers, most band instruments, studio equipment, PA systems, mixing desks, drum machines, synthesizers, personal watercraft and industrial robots.

Musicians who have played Yamaha guitars over the years include Michael Anthony (Van Halen), John Lennon, Bob Marley, Paul McCartney, Carlos Santana and Bob Seger.
Yamaha TRBX 304

TRBX300 is built around a simple principle – your performance. The perfectly balanced, ultra-comfortable solid mahogan

Yamaha TRBX 174

The Yamaha TRBX 174 is a proof that you do not have to break the bank for a decent bass!It is a Yamaha and it is a TRBX,

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