Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is a manufacturer of ukuleles, acoustic and classical guitars. Their goal is to manufacture instruments at an affordable price which fit the contemporary musician. Baton Rouge ukuleles are a pretty common choice among ukulele players and known to have a good pickup system, thus, many performing ukulele artists use them.

Their acoustic line consists of three series: Noir – guitars for beginners, Rouge – guitars for the working musician, Strange – guitars for the ones who seek to go away from the mainstream. Most Baton Rouge guitars come with a pickup system which was built in cooperation with Shadow. This system, the BR-2P is designed to get the most out of the instrument, it suits well to percussive players as it uses a sensor which amplifies every hit given on any part of the guitar.

Baton Rouge also produces classical guitars under the brand name LaMancha. Their guitars are favoured by guitar teachers around the world as they offer premium quality guitars in various sizes and competitive prices.