Frequently Asked Questions

We often asked how we produce our interactive demos, what are the advantages of joining TonePedia, how the embed logic functions and more important questions.

In this section, we hope to answer these and more.

What is TonePedia all about? #

TonePedia is the try before you buy tool for the musical instrument industry. Our goal is to empower musical minds to make great music. We do that by helping them make better gear decisions, using studio quality interactive demos.

Everything we do, every decision we take, it is always with that in mind.

Do you focus on gear sales? #

Nope. But it is definitely the outcome of a good user journey.

We believe in setting an unbiased ground for product comparisons – Where users can experience products of interest, be exposed to unfamiliar models/brands and able to evaluate the tonal characteristics of each unit. If, thanks to TonePedia, a user decides to purchase a piece of gear through our affiliate program (or somewhere else) we know we did good.

Is TonePedia good for boutique brands too? #

Definitely. While shops aim to stock whatever sells and design a manufacturer/model focused user journey, we focus on Tone. That is why we designed the filter on TonePedia to focus more on product type / specifications rather than brand name and model and so on.

In fact, boutique brands are were a big part of why we started TonePedia.

I already have product videos, do I still need TonePedia demos? #

Videos and our interactive demos are two very different types of content. Videos are a great source of information, they are “emotional” and “personal” and a great platform to deliver an opinion across. They are however passively consumed and very biased with the presenter’s opinion in centre. The TonePedia demos are all about giving the power to the user; letting him/her tweak knobs, change playing styles and pickup positions, comparing products and making an informed decision based on his taste and opinion.

Will the products I send get damaged in the demo process? #

The short answer is: Absolutely not!
We take great care for your products during the demo process. If it is a guitar, aside for when being demoed, it is stored inside its case/bag/box. Same with pedals and amplifiers. During demos, we make sure the guitar player (for guitars) / reamping station (for pedals) / reamping stand (for amplifiers) contains no sharp or metal objects which could potentially damage your products.

Do I need to set up the guitars before shipping them? #

Yes. You as a brand knows best how you want your guitar to be set up. We do however have in house luthiers and can offer set up services upon request or when needed. As our job is to make sure your guitar is presented at its best, we recommend to also add to the shipment one spare set of strings per guitar for when needed.

What happens to products after being demoed? #

Guitars/amplifiers in most cases are sent back to you. Pedals in most cases stay with Tonepedia unless specified otherwise in your work order. Units that stay are being stocked for further demos, sold, used in giveaways and other activities.

How can I design my embeds? #

Currently, all designs and embed setup are done by TonePedia. Depending on your embed stage you have chosen, we will design a first draft for your to consider. Then, we will schedule a meeting with your design team to finalise a great looking embed for your website.

With which content management systems (CMS) is the embed compatible? #

Our embed is iFrame based. As such it is compatible with most CMSs out there. Here is a list of CMSs we have successfully integrated embeds onto:
– WordPress
– Shopify

If you are unsure wether your CMS supports iFrames please contact us at support@admin

How are you demoing my product? #

The short answer is: Pretty much like one would try it out in a shop.
We go to great lengths ensuring the true characteristics of your products are being captured and presented, that is why our demos are authentically recorded; Guitars are played by guitar players, pickups are mounted on guitars which are then played. Pedals and amplifiers are fed with a guitar signal via our excellent reamping units. Depending on the type of product and requested amplifiers, the demos are then either reamped through actual mic’d amplifiers, or through an amplifier modulation software. If we demo acoustic instruments, these are not reamped but captured with high definition microphones. To learn more about our demo process follow this link.

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