Embed Design Inspirations

From sleek basic embed designs to fully customised ones. TonePedia has got you covered! Here are some inspirations and level details to spark your imagination. Click the embed photo to visit it live.

The Basic Embed

Select a predesigned embed in white, black or blue

Recommended for:
Websites following a minimal design approach
Boutique makers, bloggers

The Standard Embed

Customise the embed colour to fit your website

Add your logo to your embed

Recommended for:
Brands that put extra emphasis on brand awareness

The Premium Embed

Add transparency & customise colours of inner sections

Add an “Add Gear” button & filter options to your embed

Recommended for:
Brands looking to add gamification via playground pages

The VIP Embed

Skin your player and receive a tailored embed design

Spice up your embed with special features like add to cart, info referral and more.

Recommended for:
Brands looking to stand out of the crowed

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