In 1977, BOSS introduced the now-famous compact series with the OD-1 Overdrive, PH-1 Phaser, and SP-1 Spectrum, these pedal launched an effects revolution that continues to this day. With over 15 million units sold and over 120 models created through-out their history, the iconic BOSS compact design remains as vital as ever, and continues to influence music makers all over the world.

In cooperation with BOSS, TonePedia brings you the BOSS-PLAYGROUND – a highly interactive way of experiencing and comparing the sound of Boss pedals online. Our aim is simple, we give you all the tools you need to experience how BOSS compact pedals sound, so you could find the one that suits you best.

Choose your guitar, dial in an amp from our selection, select your preferred playing style and tweak the knobs on the many BOSS compacts on offer.

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