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Joyo products are rated extremely highly amongst their growing user base in terms of quality and affordability. With their simple, clean design, they combine user-friendly layout with high-end technology to produce a plethora of musical goodies for novices and experts to try out without breaking the bank. The feedback and confirmation of quality from their expanding pool of fans is one of consistent positivity and general reverence at their unbeatable price.
Manufactured and based in China, they have their own acoustic core technology in the pipeline for utility patents. Joyo are not just any cheap replicas. They are proving to be tried and passing the test for many adoring musicians out there. Many of their pedals are popping up on the Internet in comparisons with higher priced old favourite models and coming out as the winner in the ears of pleased players.
Their Ultimate Drive pedal, a supposed clone of the Fulltone OCD at a fraction of the cost, has been a hit with many users and proven just as satisfactory. The JF-08 Digital Delay is gaining a lot of attention as one of very few digi-delay units on the market you can get for less than a third of the typical price of most other models. From overdrive, amp simulators, chorus, flange, crunch, fuzz and wah’s, they have everything covered and then some.
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Joyo JF-313 Old School Distortion
Joyo JF-313 Old School Distortion.png

Joyo OLD SCHOOL distortion - the name says it all.  Drawing its classic rock tone from a 2n3904 transistor, this tiny instant classic has a wide range of gain settings. With 30dB of low mid boost it can make even the smallest amp sound like a full stack. One of the great characteristics of this pedal is the fact that it paints every nuance of your guitar beautifully. Single coils sound like single coils at every gain setting. The Old School enhances your setup without masking it. We think that this is what a great pedal is supposed to do.

Joyo Hot Plexi

Hot, JCM800 like sound. We all love the Marshall JCM800 amplifier, it is an iconic amplifier which sounds organic, looks good and is identified with the Rock music of the '80s and '90s. Therefore, it is clear why manufacturers around the world build pedals that emulates the JCM800's "brown" sound, the Joyo Hot Plexi JF-32 is one of them. Priced at ±40$ the Joyo Hot Plexi JF-32 pedal is a steal deal! It compresses nicely and delivers a thick distortion texture.

Joyo JF-320 Purple Storm
Joyo JF-320 Purple Storm.png

A vintage to modern sounding fuzz for today's mini board. The Joyo JF-320 Purple Storm Fuzz which belongs to Joyo's Ironman series is sweet, mini and versatile fuzz pedal. The bias control will get you anywhere from vintage "thin" fuzz to modern fatter tone while the fuzz control will let you decide how dirty you want your sound to be. Tweaking these two controls can get your fuzz tone to fit chords or a full blown solo and that is just great. The Joyo Purple Storm uses triode transistors, a true bypass switch and a mini housing which fits on every board. It is priced well too. More control over the EQ would have been a good thing, but all in all it's a nice little fuzz. 

Joyo JF-319 Green Legend
Joyo JF-319 Green Legend.png

Vintage sound in a mini housing. Like all of Joyo's Iron Man series pedals, the JF-319 Green Legend Overdrive is housed in a pedal board friendly casing. The Green Legend is based on the Ibanez TS9 and differs only a little from the Joyo JF-01 Vintage Overdrive. So if you liked the JF-01 be sure to check the JF-319 Green Legend Overdrive. As a low gain overdrive, it can push your tube amp nicely too. Be sure to try that out on the TonePedia player. Overall we think that thanks to it's great price and sound, if mini pedals is what you're after then the Joyo JF-319 Green Legend is worth your consideration.

Joyo JF-304 Time Magic
Joyo JF-304 Time Magic.png

Tiny Delay... The JOYO Time Magic mini delay pedal is an analog sounding digital delay with all the great characteristics of a bucket brigade delay line (BBD). An impressive 600ms of max delay time and feedback that can be really pushed, achieve a huge range of your favourite delay sounds.The JOYO Ironman pedals are very compact, versatile and housed in a solid metal case, with no compromise on the huge tones crammed inside. Flip your lid to keep your preferred tones protected, activate the pedal with True Bypass and the LEDs shine through, a very nice touch. The Ironman mini guitar pedal range are all supplied with 3M velcro and rubber pads for securing in place on your board.

Joyo JF-305 AT Drive
Joyo JF-305 AT Drive.png

The JOYO JF 305 AT Drive is an exceptional all-round mini Overdrive guitar pedal. A great pedal with a huge tonal palette. Going from 60's rock tones right through to the classic overdrive tones of the late 70's this pedal is hugely versatile. With the gain set low and picking hard this pedal sounds like an amp just on the edge of clipping/overdriving while it can be cleaned up just by picking more gently. Wind the gain up and you get a really raunchy rock tone that still has great note clarity and definition. Similar to the JF-36 Sweet Baby pedal from the second series (30 Series) but with more EQ control and more gain on tap, this pedal is quickly becoming a best seller. All of the Ironman mini guitar pedals are supplied with 3M velcro and rubber pads for securing it on your board.

Joyo Crunch Distortion
Joyo Crunch Distortion.png

A lot of sound for such a bargain! With this pedal Joyo captured an authentic feel of the Classic British Rock tone. It serves as a nice clean boost at low gain settings. While adding gain resolves in plenty of sustain, a crancked Full-Stack-like tone and a smile on your face. Always responsive and dynamic. The Crunch Distortion is solid built with good components and is true-bypass for minimal tone-loss. It comes with a 9-Volt battery and can be powered by any regulated power supply.For rhythm players who occasionally need an extra gear... And for lead players who long for the feel of performing in a stadium...

Joyo JF-316 Future Chorus
Joyo JF-316 Future Chorus.png

A big Chorus in a small box! The Joyo JF-316 Future Chorus is an award-winning chorus pedal effect and one of Joyo's most sold pedals from the Joyo Ironman Mini Series. With only 220 grams and dimensions of 43 x 73 x 50 mm the Future Chorus fits any pedalboard. It delivers a transparent and wide sound for many purposes and gives your tone substantively more depth. The Joyo JF-316 Future Chorus works also on bass and acoustic guitars.

Joyo JF-01 Vintage Overdrive
Joyo JF-01 Vintage Overdrive.png

Classic overdrive sound at a great price! The Joyo Vintage Overdrive JF-01 pedal introduces warm overtones when used as a clean volume boost and when cranked to 11 this pedal has the searing tone and warmth of a classic overdriven tube amp.The pedal features three control functions: volume (output), drive (gain) and tone (treble boost or cut, focused around the 2-5k range). The circuit features true-bypass wiring, and the world-renowned jrc4588 chip. The result, as can be heard, is classic!

Joyo JF-35 Pocket Metal
Joyo JF-35 Pocket Metal.png

JOYO JF-35 sounds like a Randall on steroids. The pocket metal, of course, is suited for metal and does fine in a hard rock setting as well. One really great feature is that the pedal isn't noisy at volume. The JF-35 has a unique mid-range control adjustment, as this frequency range is of more concern in heavy metal than the highs are. Scoop or add grit, just by making a quick adjustment on the huge bright white knob. All told the JF-35 from JOYO audio gets the job done and leaves you with spending cash to invest in strings, cables and all the other essential gear that it takes to get a good sound. The pocket metal distortion pedal will inspire you and afford you with that modern metal crunch.

Joyo JF-02 Ultimate Drive
Joyo JF-02 Ultimate Drive.png

From drive to distortion at an insane price! The Joyo JF-02 Ultimate Drive, as the name suggests, is a one versatile gain pedal effect. Depends on the setting of the channel switch, all the way until approx. 10 O'Clock it delivers a relatively clean overdrive, between 10-12 O'Clock the healthy overdrive comes to play and north of that it is a distortion territory. We found it to be a nice overall pedal, while it is not the perfect overdrive or distortion, it is a pretty good general gain pedal for those who need "one that does it all". The JF-02 Ultimate Drive is actually Joyo's best selling pedal as far as we know.

Joyo JF-325 Molo-Trem
Joyo JF-325 Molo-Trem.png

Tiny Trem. The MoloTrem is a Tremolo that utilises a photoelectric circuit to flexible and easy to use.A simple three knob control allows for adjustment of Rate (Speed), Depth (how much does the volume fluctuate) and Wave. The Wave knob can change from a subtle triangle wave to a drastic square wave. This way you can achieve the classic tremolo sounds we all know and love as well as the more modern „stutter“ sounds to create amazing rhythmic pads, especially if combined with a cool delay.

Joyo JF-05 Classic Chorus

Classic chorus for every pocket. The JOYO JF-05 Classic Chorus pedal effect offers the classic chorus sound that is heard on masses of recordings. The Classic Chorus as being a modulation effect can breathe life into slowly picked arpeggiated chords and can add a whole new dimension to overdriven guitar parts, too. Use a lower setting with an acoustic and strum away with a new perspective on your songs thanks to the JOYO Classic Chorus guitar effect pedal.

Joyo US Dream
Joyo US Dream.png

Unbeatable price for a solid high-gain Sound! The Joyo US Dream delivers a rich distortion - emulating a 100 Watt Stack cranked up. For shaping the sound it has the usual suspects: Volume, Tone and Distortion, so it's pretty easy to use. The pedal is offering quite an amount of Volume and Gain, hence the player is thrown into Hard-Rock territory. The US Dream sounds fat and saturated, it's actually Joyo's approach of resembling the famous Suhr Riot.The aluminium casing is sturdy and it has a true-bypass wiring.All in all, an attractively priced, good sounding distortion pedal that's definitely worth a shot. 

Joyo JF-36 Sweet Baby Overdrive
Joyo JF-36 Sweet Baby Overdrive.png

Sweet from outside but wild from inside! The Joyo JF-36 Sweet Baby is a guitar overdrive effect pedal that is affordable for everyone. Considered as one of Joyo's best effects, this pedal offers you the great overdrive sounds from the '60s and '70s. The Joyo Sweet Baby delivers a relatively high output that is not common for overdrive pedals. The true bypass allows you to keep your original signal fully integrated while the gain circuit is turned off. Conclusion: The Joyo Sweet Baby Overdrive is a great sounding transparent overdrive ideal for any type and pocket.