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Höfner HCT 500/1 Violin Bass

Höfner HCT 500/1 Violin Bass

The best-selling 500/1 Contemporary version of the Hofner Violin Bass Guitar in black offers those wanting to own one of the World's iconic guitars the chance to do so at a very attractive price. 

Recreating the style of the 1964 version.

Featuring a sustain block inside the body to give modern, deep-resonating bass sounds while still retaining the original Hofner Beatles bass sound. With a short scale of 30" and the small violin bass body it is one of greatest electric bass guitars ever made.

Specs: HCT 500/1 Violin Bass

Scale Length (inch) 30
Number of Frets 22
String Number 4
Specific Wood Fretboard Rosewood
Specific Wood Neck Maple/Beech/Maple
Pickup Configuration H-H
Pickup Brand Höfner
Bridge Pickup Model Hofner Staple Nickel Humbucker
Neck Pickup Model Hofner Staple Nickel Humbucker
Body Shape Special Form
Body Type Hollow Body
Specific Wood Body Flame Maple
Specific Wood Top Spruce
Specific Colour Black
Manufacturer Höfner
Series Contemporary
Made In Germany
Based on famous model? Höfner Violin Bass 500/1


Playing It
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