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MXR Phase 100 (Block)

MXR Phase 100 (Block)

The Elegance Of BLOCK

The Pedal which started it all for MXR was the famous Phase 90 (1974) waaaaaay before Jim Dunlop bought the company out (1987). 
The Phase 90 was obnoxious, sweet, Harsh and delicate all at the same time. Later use by EVH later in the decade made it one of the most famous pedals of all time however back in '74 a model called the Phase 45 which was somewhat more subtle meant everyone could have a phaser which suited them.

The next phaser released needed to be something different and so in 1975 the MXR phase 100 was born. A 6 stage phaser with 4 selectable wave shapes, this was MXR's most complicated pedal yet. 

This version is a Block version from approx '83, it has slightly boxy tone compared to the earlier Script logo versions. 

Specs: Phase 100 (Block)

Weight (in g) 663.00
Voltage 9
Circuit Analog
Main FX Phaser
Manufacturer MXR
Size (Dimensions W x D X H in mm) 92 x 123 x 53
Made In US


Playing It
Tutorial Video