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JPTR FX Silvermachine

JPTR FX Silvermachine

Think you know fuzz ... think again 

So here we have a fuzz pedal in a big enclosure with three knobs.
Most of us would be fairly sure we know what the controls are and most of us would be wrong. 

The larger of the three controls is a master volume. Why call it master you may well ask and the answer is simple, it controls two gain stages running in parallel with are in turn controlled by the two smaller knobs. 
This is not normal fuzz territory, not stacking or cascading here just two fuzzes warring to be heard and the war sounds beautiful. 
It is possible to run this pedal at lower gain tones and there are a whole lot of wonderful tones which cross over between fuzz face and tone bender territory.

But this pedal has one more very nice surprise in store for us all. 

As we roll the gain levels up an octaver bursts into life creating the octavia sounds we all covert so much. 

The casing of these pedals is unique for each person as Chris at JPTF FX explains, some are intentionally rusted and then prevented from rusting further.
As with all JPTR FX gear, these look and sound great. 
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Specs: Silvermachine

Weight (in g) 670.00
Voltage 9
Polarity -
Circuit Analog
Main FX Fuzz
Additional FX Fuzz
Manufacturer JPTR FX
Size (Dimensions W x D X H in mm) 125 x 260 x 70
Made In Germany


Playing It
Tutorial Video