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J. Rockett Archer Ikon

J. Rockett Archer Ikon

The Lion, The Witch & The Golden Centaur 

There are a LOT of pedals in the world and so many of them are clones of other pedals.
Most of these fail to improve upon the originals in any way other than a tonal variation which is likely more luck than judgment. 
One pedal which has seen its fair share of clones even had its own nickname for the copies ... of course we're talking about the Klon Centaur and subsequent "Klones".

However if there's one pedal in the world which needs "kloning" its the Klon, because these things cost a fortune. 
J. Rockett have created a pedal which has 100% of the magic the original Klon contained yet in a smaller, great looking pedal. 
This is due to two components found in original Klons which were void of markings ... J Rockett researched the parts extensively and were the first to uncover the mystery. Therefore what you're playing with here is the first ever exact 1-2-1 recreation of the infamous Klon Centaur. 

Specs: Archer Ikon

Weight (in g) 400.00
Voltage 9
Polarity -
Circuit Analog
Main FX Overdrive
Additional FX Boost
Manufacturer J. Rockett
Series Tour Series
Size (Dimensions W x D X H in mm) 59 x 102 x 32
Made In USA
Based on famous model? Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive Gold


Tutorial Video