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Ibanez RG421HPAM

Ibanez RG421HPAM

Unbelievable Value Is Understating It 

RG's are undoubtedly as much a staple of the guitar world as strats and les pauls, serving players from beginner level all the way to virtuoso’s who in turn inspire whole new generations of players. 

Like all good guitar companies Ibanez have continually updated the RG specs to accommodate growing payers needs and the world around us. The RG421HPAM features many of these upgrades.

The body is Nyatoh, used as a responsible alternative to traditional mahogany yet almost indistinguishable in appearance and tone. The top is Ash wood grain which looks simply amazing, that grain pops out in such a pleasing way. 

Another high end addition to this guitar is a roasted maple neck which many pro-players are adopting today due to the ease of playing and tactful feel, this comes in a wizard 3 neck shape tuned for fast playing. 

The 24 fret fingerboard adorning this beautiful neck is also Maple which blends in a pleasing way with the Ash top and gives a little snap to the tone. 

Down to the hardware, we have two DiMarzio’s, an Air Norton™ in the neck and The Tone Zone® in the bridge position. Both pickups can be coil tapped via a switch on the front body giving 6 possible pickup configurations, enough for even the most demanding of players.

Sound wise you will hear elements of classic Gibsons and Fenders but the combination is something new which Ibanez have crafted. Considering a guitar like this will excel at anything from jazz to shred metal and everything in between it's very safe to say guitarists have the world at their fingertips in today's market.

Specs: RG421HPAM

Number of Frets 24
String Number 6
Specific Wood Neck Roasted Maple
Specific Wood Fretboard Roasted Maple
Scale Length (inch) 25.5
Body Shape Double Cut
Body Type Solid Body
Specific Wood Body Nyatoh
Specific Wood Top Ash
Specific Colour Antique Brown Stained Low Gloss
Manufacturer Ibanez
Series RG
Made In Indonesia
Pickup Configuration H-H
Pickup Brand DiMarzio
Neck Pickup Model Air Norton
Bridge Pickup Model The Tone Zone


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