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Furch Vintage 1 OOM-SR

Furch Vintage 1 OOM-SR

Furch goes Vintage. 

The VINTAGE 1 OOM is explicitly designed for the guitarist who desires a traditional look and sound in his instrument. The body is shallower and narrower in width than a classic dreadnought, consequently having less mass and feeling more intimate and making it very comfortable to play on. Its sonic characteristics could be described as mid-focussed, harmonically rich and with less low-end - brilliant especially for fingerpickers.
Furch's  hand-brushed finish protects the surface and accentuates the structure of the wood, with a final hand buffing leaving the Vintage 1 OOM with an attractive patina that is reminiscent for aged instruments. 

Specs: Vintage 1 OOM-SR

String Number 6
Number of Frets 17
Manufacturer Furch
Made In Czech Republic
Specific Body Type OOM
Specific Wood Body Indian Rosewood
Specific Wood Top Sitka Spruce
Specific Colour Natural
Specific Wood Neck African Mahogany
Specific Wood Fretboard Ebony
Neck joint at 12th fret
Scale Length (inch) 25.59
Wood Body Rosewood