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Back in 1981, when the Czech Republic was still Czechoslovakia, the first “Furch to come” guitar was born. It was made in hiding, as the communist regime disallowed all private enterprise. Despite the danger of getting caught, František Furch could not resist his insatiable desire for all things musical and went on with doing it what he loves.

Within few years František Furch’s guitars were known for their premium quality and his instruments were the choice of many top musicians. In 1989, the Velvet Revolution and the fall of communism finally allowed František to realize his dreams without fear of persecution, and he set about forming his own manufacturing company. Furch Guitars was officially founded with František Furch and one employee in a small 20m2 workshop.

From that foundation day until today Furch guitars grew constantly. From being a domestic gem the word about the great sounding Czech guitar spread throughout Europe, increasing the demand for Furch guitars rapidly. In 1999, when Furch’s Millennium series was first introduced, there were already 25 luthiers working in the company.

Today, the Furch company sits in a 16th century mill complex which was transformed to a guitar factory. More than 50 employees work in the factory and put their hearts and souls into each and every guitar they make. The company is run by both František and his son Petr, and they continue to produce a range of top class instruments.

Furch is known for its constant experimentation with new design and construction techniques, applying modern research and technology on the quest to advance the acoustic qualities of Furch guitars. There is no question about the quality of Furch Guitars as testified by the top musicians using them; names such as Suzanne Vega, David Knopfler, Richard Smith, Glen Hansard and many more.
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Furch G22-SR Cut

G-22SR is the grand auditorium version of the 22 line by Furch, the first line in the Millennium series to come wit

Furch D35-SR

The D-35SR is considered as the flagship of Furch's vintage Series. It is a well balanced, open and pure sounding guitar

Furch G21-SW Cut

The 21 line by Furch, like the 20 line, is made with a more minimalistic approach so you could get a maximum guitar for

Furch Green Plus Dc-SW

Carefully selected woods, beautiful sound.2018 brought with it new series of guitars from the Czech manufacturer, Furch

Furch Yellow Gc-CR

The new all-arounder. The combination of Red Cedar top, Indian Rosewood body and Furch's new, unique voicing process

Furch Orange OM-SR

For fingerpickers, but not only.Before we even get to how it sounds, the ORANGE OM SR is one good looking guitar! Furch'

Furch D34-SR

The Furch D-34SR is all about resonance, and a lot of it!Years of research and development brought Furch to apply a tech

Furch OM32-SM

The Furch OM-32SM immediately makes us play some Clapton..It's dry, well balanced and thanks to the Honduras Mahogany ha

Furch D25-CR Cut

From top to bottom, the Furch D25-CR is truly a remarkable instrumentFirst look at the Furch D25-CR reveals sheer beauty

Furch Yellow Plus RS-CR

Affection for detail.The Hawaiian Koa binding with white contrasting line, the Rosette of green abalone, the excellent S

Furch Vintage 1 OOM-SR

Furch goes VintageThe VINTAGE 1 OOM is explicitly designed for the guitarist who desires a traditional look and sou

Furch Little Jane LJ-10
Furch LJ-10.png

The facts that it passes every airline cabin luggage limitation and sounds absolutely wonderful make the Little Jane (LJ

Furch G23-CR Cut
Furch G23CR Cut.png

If you ask some owners of the G-23CR for their opinion they will most likely say that this guitar is "one of the best va

Furch OM20-CM Cut

The Furch OM-20-CM Natural is an orchestra model acoustic guitar. It features a solid Canadian cedar top, back and sides

Furch OM23-CR

The Furch OM23-CR is a guitar for the fingerpicker who seeks for a more contemporary sound. It's got sustain, resonance,

Furch OM31-SR

If you like tight and dry tone then this is the guitar for you. On most of the vintage series Furch applies a hand-

Furch Violet D-SY

Quite simply – a nice Dreadnought.Furch's VIOLET Series is one of two guitar lines that feature a combination

Furch Indigo D-CY

What a powerful dreadnoughtThe Furch INDIGO series features semi-solid wood guitars priced from just over 850€

Furch Blue Gc-SW

The BLUE series is Furch’s entry level for all solid guitars.  A balanced tone that inspires. Slighty pronounced l

Furch Green Plus OMc-SR

Small and neat...2018 brought with it new series of guitars from the Czech manufacturer, Furch Guitars. The GREEN Series

Furch Yellow Plus D-SR

Clean looks meets healthy tone.The YELLOW SERIES by Furch is by all means a great one. While it is not their top series,

Furch Orange Plus D-CR

Responsive...Really, if we need to describe the Furch ORANGE Plus D-CR in one word, it would be "Responsive". The combin

Furch Red OMc-SR

Top of the line!With the Red-SR the guys at Furch present the best of their craftsmanship. The combination of extraordin

Furch Red Plus G-SR

Furch’s top of the line guitars do not disappoint! The RED SERIES by Furch Guitars is built using premium solid Sitka S