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Fender Baja '60s Telecaster

Fender Baja '60s Telecaster

Designed in Fender's custom shop, built for players!

Fender's Classic Player series has been around for a decade now, bringing popular, yet re-imagined models from the 1950s through the 1970s to the hands of us guitar players. The Fender Classic Player Baja '60s Telecaster electric guitar is a great example for this brilliant series, it has that classic looks and tone with a feel any modern guitarist is sure to appreciate.

The Fender Classic Player Baja '60s was designed by Fender custom shop master builder Chris Fleming. Chris chose Alder for the body as it is the wood which was used by Fender in the '60s. The result is a warm tone with great sustain. He also decided to use the 3 compensated saddles design Fender used back in the day, as much consider them to be a major contributor to the Telecaster's twang. For the neck Fender chose Pau Ferro wood which resembles to rosewood.

A great deviation from original specs was made to the electronics of the Baja, while it is equipped with '58 and '52 American Vintage single-coil pickups, which delivers that signature Tele sound, the guitar is wired with a special 4-position blade switch and a 2-position S-1 switch, allowing you to switch from classic Tele to series and parallel out-of-phase tones. How great is that!

Specs: Baja '60s Telecaster

Number of Frets 21
String Number 6
Specific Wood Neck Maple
Specific Wood Fretboard Pau Ferro
Scale Length (inch) 25.5
Body Shape Single Cut
Body Type Solid Body
Specific Wood Body Alder
Specific Colour 3 Tone Sunburst
Manufacturer Fender
Series Classic Player
Made In Mexico
Pickup Configuration S-S
Pickup Brand Fender
Neck Pickup Model American Vintage '52 Single-Coil Tele
Bridge Pickup Model Pickup Bridge: Fender American Vintage '58 Tele


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