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Effesk Krankjorum

Effesk Krankjorum

The Effesk Krankjorum is an in-your-face noise generator which will leave your crowd with open mouths and sore faces. 

Explaining the Krankjorum by the Dutch boutique maker, Effesk Pedals, is not an easy task. In fact, this pedal is so unique we had to record special demos just for it. Essentially in tech language the Krankjorum can be described as an analog fuzz with pitch-shiftable delay. In guitar sound world it means you have a ripping fuzz combined with pithed tones. The tone and the repeats depend on how you set the a delay time and pitch knob.

A great feature of the Krankjorum is that it basically has a life of its own. The pitch does not only depend on the pitch knob setting but on the delay time too. The result of this is a crazy unexpected pitch-shifted fuzz. We love it.

Specs: Krankjorum

Weight (in g) 0.00
Voltage 0
Circuit Analog
Main FX Noise Generator
Additional FX Fuzz
Manufacturer Effesk
Made In The Netherlands
Special Features Pitch Shift