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EBS MultiComp

EBS MultiComp

High performance, analog compressor with either solid state, tube simulation or multi-band compression. 

The MultiComp Guitar Edition can make a good sounding guitar sound even better. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never want to play without it! The EBS MultiComp Guitar Edition is optimized for use with guitar, and strikes the perfect balance of being super user friendly and offering super sonic qualities.

Less is more. The MultiComp may be the easiest compressor around to dial in. Since it is so smooth and well though through, all you need is to set the level of Comp/Limit with one knob, Gain with another, and then choose the type or mode of compression between Tubeism, Multi Band (MB) and Normal. Done! For those that need more, there is an Active/Passive switch on the side as well as an internal trim pot for the Threshold located under the hood.

Red Label Pedals. The MultiComp Guitar Edition is one of the three first launched pedals in EBS new Red Label Pedals for guitar, along with the EBS DynaVerb Guitar Edition and Red Twister Guitar Edition. They all come with the heritage from EBS famed Black Label Pedals for bass, that have been used by world-famous guitarists for years. With the Red Label Pedals, all the details have been adjusted for optimal performance with guitar, with the input from some of the most busy Swedish session guitarists and the staff from the famous pedal specialists store in Stockholm, Sweden.

Specs: MultiComp

Weight (in g) 400.00
Voltage 9
Circuit Analog
Main FX Compressor
Manufacturer EBS
Size (Dimensions W x D X H in mm) 115 x 70 x 35
Made In Sweden