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Earthquaker Devices Plumes

Earthquaker Devices Plumes

Could this be the best overdrive for under €100? 

The term plumes refers to feathers which spread out from a point becoming thicker along the way or clouds resembling this same thing. This parallels with the story of a little green overdrive from Japan which over the years has been adopted by almost every pedal manufacturer on our little blue marble floating through space. 

And now it's Earthquaker’s turn, but they haven’t simply approached it as a copy ... oh no, that's not the Earthquaker way! 
First up and a change we love is the tone control behaves like an EQ boost. 7-10 o’clock boosts the lows, noon boosts the mids and of course 2-5 will increase the high’s! 

The 3 way clipping offers up LED symmetrical clipping, the LED adding a more aggressive touch. A-symmetrical clipping in a similar way to Boss’s SD-1 and no diodes .. when you bypass components this can result in a volume increase and here it does. If you’re looking to really drive your amp then that setting will do it for sure! 

Let us know which settings you like the most! 

Specs: Plumes

Weight (in g) 396.00
Voltage 9
Polarity -
Circuit Analog
Main FX Overdrive
Manufacturer Earthquaker Devices
Size (Dimensions W x D X H in mm) 64 x 118 x 57
Made In USA


Playing It
Tutorial Video