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Diamond Pedals VIB1 Vibrato

Diamond Pedals VIB1 Vibrato

True pitch vibrato with an analog bucket brigade design! 

The Diamond VIB1 Vibrato is a sophisticated , purely analog vibrato pedal effect for those who seek for a special tone. Aside for the standard vibrato controls, The VIB1 sports two toggle switches. Use the JAZZ mode to darken the wet sound for a warm vintage tone. The other toggle switch is called HIGH, it increases the vibrato depth. Use it to get extreme pitch modulation sounds. In order to control the depth and speed of the effect on stage, Diamond included two separate expression pedal inputs. With such high-end components in it's circuit, such as Vishay JFETs, Burr-Brown OP-Amps and Panasonic Polyprops, there is no wonder why the Diamond Pedals VIB1 Vibrato is such a great sounding and versatile pedal.

Specs: VIB1 Vibrato

Weight (in g) 480.00
Voltage 18
Polarity +
Circuit Analog
Main FX Vibrato
Manufacturer Diamond Pedals
Size (Dimensions W x D X H in mm) 120 x 120 x 54
Made In Canada


Playing It
Tutorial Video