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Diamond Pedals Nine Zero Two

Diamond Pedals Nine Zero Two

Simple, yet versatile! 

In Short – The 902 is as rich as an overdriven tube amplifier when it comes to sound. It is an nonlinear, simple overdrive which we found to be pretty versatile yet simple. It is based on multiple discrete transistor gain stages placed in series, with each stage using a different type of gain circuit, resulting in a complex, nonlinear amplification response. Simple gain pedals can be tricky. It is all about what's under the hood. With the 902 Diamond pedals, as always, took the job seriously and created a simple UX pedal that actually delivers a wide range of sound options. 
The combination of multiple discrete transistors on the gain side with their amp-like tone stack lets you drive the 902 from light dirt to a smooth saturation. 

The 902 can be used with a 9V battery or an adapter, has a true bypass switch and built to last.

Specs: Nine Zero Two

Weight (in g) 350.00
Voltage 9
Polarity -
Circuit Analog
Main FX Overdrive
Manufacturer Diamond Pedals
Size (Dimensions W x D X H in mm) 123 x 64 x 61
Made In Canada