Spirit of 59 No Covers

The spirit of ’59… 

Perhaps the most mythical pickup of our times, the Gibson Patent Applied For Humbucker created between 1957-1961, is extremely sought after by collectors and guitar players worldwide. Not only it was produced for a short period of time, between the years there are also many differences, resulting in different sound characteristics. The holy grail of PAF pickups are the 1959 ones. The Amber Pickups Spirit Of ’59 is a recreation of this elusive pickup, created after many repairs of original sets and extensive research. These pickups are wound loosely by hand and not potted, which according to Amber are vital for a true recreation of the Gibson PAF. Another details which is crucial for a true 1959 PAF recreation is the use of Alnico 4 magnets as they have a stronger acoustic response. Did Amber Pickups manage to capture the spirit of a 1959 Gibson PAF? Load their set in the TonePedia Player alongside the original 1959 Gibson PAF we demoed a while back, to make your own decision. Oh and if you’re after the sound of their covered sets, we’ve got these too on the website.

Spirit of 59 No Covers technical specifications

Manufacturer Amber Pickups
Pickup Configuration H-H
Guitar Style LP/SG/ES
String Number 6
Output Standard
Active? No
Potted? No
DC Resistance 8.4
DC Resistance 7.2
Alloy Type Alnico 5
Wire Type 42 AWG
Signal Leads Vintage Correct Braided Shield
Insulation Type Plain Enamel
Plastic Material ABS
Based on an era? '50s
Based on famous model? Gibson Les Paul PAF Pickup set
Made In Germany
Manufacturer Part Number AP-SPO59-SET-DBU-V, AP-SPO59-SET-UC-V
GTIN 14 04251594922827, 04251594922803

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