PAF Set (1959)

’59 PAF 

The Gibson PAF pickups up famed due to their function during the golden era’s of classic rock. If you see a great guitar player playing a Les Paul then generally speaking its a late 50’s model with PAF pickups (not you Zakk Wyled … sit back down). 

There are many interesting factors to the traditional PAF pickups though which pickup connoisseurs would debate for hours on end however to summarise, all PAF’s were hand wound and the winds were counted by the person winding … so some are indeed over wound and some are underwound. As the years progressed Gibson made slight changes to the design so in fact this set of ’59’s would be slightly hotter” than a set from ’58. There are also questions about material availability at different times of certain years which are almost impossible to to prove over 60 years later.

The set we have demoed here is an all original 1959 set

PAF Set (1959) technical specifications

Manufacturer Gibson
Pickup Configuration H-H
Guitar Style LP/SG/ES
String Number 6
Output Standard
Active? No
Potted? No
DC Resistance 8
DC Resistance 7.53
Alloy Type Alnico 2
Wire Type 42 AWG
Signal Leads Vintage Correct Braided Shield
Insulation Type Plain Enamel
Plastic Material CAB
Based on an era? '50s
Year 1959
Made In USA

PAF Set (1959) reviews & comparison videos

PAF Set (1959) reviews & comparison

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