ORIGINAL ’57/’62

Straight Outta ’63 

Fender wanted to create a set of authentic sounding retro sounding pickups so they reverse-engineered from a 1963 Stratocaster. These pickups deliver vintage-Strat sound, feel and vibe, with glistening highs and warm lows due in part to the materials used such as formvar wire for bright, glassy tones, cloth wiring and fibre bobbin. The Alnico 5 staggered pole pieces ensure focus and dynamic while balanced tones. 

ORIGINAL ’57/’62 technical specifications

Manufacturer Fender
Pickup Configuration S-S-S
Guitar Style Strat
String Number 6
Output Lower
Active? No
Potted? No
DC Resistance 5.6
DC Resistance 5.6
DC Resistance 5.6
Alloy Type Alnico 5
Wire Type AWG 42
Signal Leads Stranded Pushback Cloth
Insulation Type Heavy Formvar
Plastic Material ABS
Based on an era? 60s
Made In USA
Manufacturer Part Number 099-2117-000
GTIN 14 00717669510572

ORIGINAL ’57/’62 reviews & comparison videos

ORIGINAL ’57/’62 reviews & comparison

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