Jazz Bass 4 String Open Ceramic JBO-1

The JBEV-1 Vintage Jazz pickups come with a black cover and mounting screws, featuring Alnico magnets for a classic, warm tonality. With a DC resistance of 9k, these pickups offer a vintage-inspired sound that’s rich and balanced.

Building upon the success of the hum-canceling Split-P pickup, the JBE-1 Jazz pickups are known for their distinctive single-coil tone. What sets them apart is their unique hum-canceling design—wound and magnetized in opposing directions—ensuring a noise-free experience when both pickups are engaged at the same volume. This added benefit is often overlooked by players seeking versatile tonal options.

Moreover, these pickups exhibit a subtle length difference between them, with the bridge pickup slightly longer, contributing to enhanced clarity and definition in your sound.

For jazz enthusiasts and players alike, the JBE-1 and JBEV-1 pickups offer exceptional quality and tonal versatility, whether you prefer a punchy, modern sound with ceramic magnets or a classic, warm tone with Alnico magnets.

Jazz Bass 4 String Open Ceramic JBO-1 technical specifications

Pickup Configuration S-S
Guitar Style Jazz Bass
String Number 4
Output Higher
Active? No
Potted? No
DC Resistance 9
DC Resistance 9
Wire Type AWG 42
Signal Leads Braided Shield
Insulation Type Plain Enamel
Plastic Material ABS
Based on an era? 60s
Colour Black
Weight (in kg) 0.
Made In China
Manufacturer Part Number JBO-1, JBO-1R, JBO-1B, JBO-1F

Jazz Bass 4 String Open Ceramic JBO-1 reviews & comparison videos

Jazz Bass 4 String Open Ceramic JBO-1 reviews & comparison

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