Hand-Wound P90 Set

B&G Hand Wound P90’s 

The P90 was B&G’s first, seminal design.
The fundamental tones are warm and full-bodied and are surrounded by a translucent halo of harmonics, that add depth and shine to the tone. 
Warm and smooth, never too aggressive, the P90s gain an interesting ‘hollow’ quality in the middle position of the toggle switch (both pickups on).
B&G believe this P90 to be the most transparent of our designs, allowing the acoustic character of the guitar to be translated at its best to the amplifier. 

rough cut magnets alnico 2 b 5 n – 

Hand-Wound P90 Set technical specifications

Manufacturer B&G Guitars
Series Private Build
Pickup Configuration P90-P90
Guitar Style LP/SG/ES
String Number 6
Output Standard
Active? No
Potted? No
DC Resistance 8.77
DC Resistance 8.77
Alloy Type Rough Cast Alnico 2 Bridge /5 Neck
Wire Type 42 AWG
Signal Leads Vintage Correct Braided Shield
Insulation Type Plain Enamel
Plastic Material ABS
Based on an era? '50s
Made In Israel

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