Hand-Wound Humbucker Set


These Humbucker are B&G’s interpretation of classic PAF style pickups from the late ‘50s.
They offer the richness in the lower end which makes the PAF design so popular, but without a any of the muddiness. The midrange is expressively vocal, and the top end has a tasteful presence and airiness. The output power is definitively vintage and strong, with great clarity and definition.

The Humbuckers provide a detailed, articulated tone, from clean melodic lines to classic rock riffs and hard rock leads.

Hand-Wound Humbucker Set technical specifications

Manufacturer B&G Guitars
Series Private Build
Pickup Configuration H-H
Guitar Style LP/SG/ES
String Number 6
Output Standard
Active? No
Potted? No
DC Resistance 7.48
DC Resistance 7.42
Alloy Type Rough Cast Bridge - Alnico 2, Neck - Alnico 5
Wire Type 42 AWG
Signal Leads Vintage Correct Braided Shield
Insulation Type Plain Enamel
Plastic Material CAB
Based on an era? '50s
Made In Israel

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