BFG Bangers

BFG Bangers 

Cream T Pickups specialises in hand-wound boutique guitar pickups made by Thomas Nilsen.
Thomas has created pickups for Billy Gibbons, Keith Richards & many more. They also focus on creating 100% reproductions of vintage & rare guitar pickups.

After years of work between Thomas and Billy F Gibbons the BFG Bangers were born.

If you want a pickups which have been tweaked to perfection by a legendary guitarist and boutique pickup winder look no further.
Billy Gibbons has now been using the BFG Bangers on stage for the last 10 years, they’re slightly hotter than the pickups Billy F Gibbons has in his 1959 Les Paul sunburst guitar.

BFG Bangers technical specifications

Manufacturer Cream T
Pickup Configuration H-H
Guitar Style LP/SG/ES
String Number 6
Output Standard
Active? No
Potted? No
DC Resistance 8.9
DC Resistance 7.3
Wire Type AWG 42
Signal Leads Braided Shield
Insulation Type Plain Enamel
Plastic Material ABS
Based on an era? '50s
Famous Users Billy F Gibbons
Made In UK

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