50/60 Strat

50’s & 60’s … Oh Myyyy 

The Ron Ellis 50/60 Strat set is one of the most sought after strat pickup sets on the market. Designed to take the best tones from both eras (50’s & 60’s) the approach isn’t just per pickup but within each pickup! The magnets for the 3 higher strings are alnico 3 yet the lower 3 stings have alnico 5. The neck and bridge have heavy formvar coated wire (lighter copper) yet the bridge has plain enamel coated wire (darker red colour). These aren’t straight up replica’s of specific classic tones, this is all the classic tone in one set.

The result is a pleasing 60’s rounded bass with sweet, non cutting yet still very present highs, the characteristic defined strat chocked/muted tones are there too. These pickups hold a higher gain tone well with great sustain without ever sounding lacking or too harsh. The middle position is extremely well matched and useful without either sounding too weak or an exact copy of the other pickups. 

All in all a great modern take on the vintage tones which could possibly be better than the originals themselves. 

50/60 Strat technical specifications

Manufacturer Ron Ellis
Pickup Configuration S-S-S
Guitar Style Strat
String Number 6
Output Standard
Active? No
Potted? No
DC Resistance 9.48
DC Resistance 5.92
DC Resistance 5.75
Alloy Type Top 3 Strings - Alnico 3, Bottom 3 Strings - Alnico 5
Wire Type 42 AWG
Signal Leads Vintage Correct Braided Shield
Insulation Type Heavy Formvar (N, M) - Plain Enamel (B)
Plastic Material ABS
Based on an era? 60s
Made In USA

50/60 Strat reviews & comparison videos

50/60 Strat reviews & comparison

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