Boden True Temperament 8

The Pinnacle of Guitar Design? 

The 8 strings in the Boden range are bordering on what we as guitar players even recognise as a guitar and this is no bad thing. Throughout history new instruments have been born this way and as a result we now class instruments into groups as we would species of birds. 

Strandbergs have pushed every aspect of the guitar building, improving what could be improved. The final evolution (so far) is the True Temperament 8, but what is True Temperament?

True Temperament came along offering further innovation Strandberg being very open minded could see how the True Temperament (TT) system would further evolve their masterpiece. 
TT is based on the principle of perfect intonation on each and every fret giving players the most perfect notes possible. The system has been picked up and endorsed by many famous players, none more so the the mighty Steve Vai 

The rest of the guitar is based upon the Boden Fusion which is a guitar for every style, capable of rich clean tone up to roaring metal and rock perfection via a lovely pair of Fishman pick ups allowing the TT 8 to shine both in the higher register but also down low on the 8th string.  

For many 8 strings and fan fretting was a step too far until they tried it and realised how natural it felt and TT will be much the same … don’t overthink it! Bends and vibrato feel as natural as ever, as a boy once said “It is not the spoon which bends, it is only yourself!” 
You must give this system and in particular the Strandberg Boden TT 8 a go as soon as you have a chance, let us know what you think of our interactive demo online on Facebook and Instagram.

Boden True Temperament 8 technical specifications

Manufacturer Strandberg
Series Boden
Made In Indonesia
Manufacturer Part Number BD8CT-20T-K-F-PL
Serial Number C1911210
Colour Black
Left/Right Handed Left Handed, Right Handed
Body Type Chambered
Body Shape Family Other
Top Material Family Ash
Body Material Family Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
Fretboard Material Family Brownwood
Neck Material Family Birch
String Number 6
Number of Frets 17
Pickup Configuration H
Pickup Brand Aguilar
Pickup Active/Passive Active, Passive
Tremolo Yes, No
Tremolo Brand Aria
Left-Friendly? Yes, No

Boden True Temperament 8 reviews & comparison videos

Boden True Temperament 8 reviews & comparison

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