Boden Standard 6

A familiar guitar at a price we can all enjoy 

The Strandberg Boden Standard 6 is another quality electric guitar in the Boden legacy. It doesn’t deviate from the overall Boden ethos; it comprises clever choices of woods and Strandergs very own high-spec pick-ups. Dreams can, indeed, come true at a great price!


Strandberg Boden Standard 6: A simple yet advanced build

The Standard 6 features solid-body construction. It comes with a figured Maple top veneer and its own designed pickups, which have been regarded by many as outstanding. This all reduces costs so Strandberg can offer a line that delivers exceptional value as well as top-flight performance.


Take a look at the Body

The body of the Strandberg Boden Standard 6 is chambered and made from Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. This body material makes it waterproof and resistant to chemical attacks.


The Brownwood Fretboard

The Strandberg Boden Standard 6 considers how we play differently at various parts of the fretboard. The specialised Birchwood neck adapts our hands to more easily reach hard notes effortlessly, both low down and high up the neck.

The fretboard of this guitar is Brownwood and holds 17 frets fanned across it. This isn’t done for appearance; the subtle fanning gives greater accuracy to intonation without making notes strange to play.

This, for many, will be the Strandberg they start on, such a great opportunity for every player.


How’s the performance of the Strandberg Boden Standard 6?

This electric guitar is unlike anything you’ve played before. It has improved on what’s familiar in almost every way.

Honing how the guitar resonates reduces the weight without sacrificing an ounce of tone.


Conclusion: What do we think about this guitar?

We loved trying out this guitar, and the range of improvements and modifications is just amazing. It’s worth the hype.

From our demo player, you can hear how great the guitar sounds when A/B’d next to the more expensive versions in the range.



















Boden Standard 6 technical specifications

Manufacturer Strandberg
Series Standard
Made In Indonesia
GTIN 14 00819052021150
Manufacturer Part Number B-109-0097-0, BD6CT-18S-M-QV-BG, Boden Standard 6 Maple Quilt Bengal, Boden Standard 6 Maple Quilt
Serial Number C1901263
Colour Black
Left/Right Handed Left Handed, Right Handed
Body Type Chambered
Body Shape Family Other
Top Material Family Ash
Body Material Family Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
Fretboard Material Family Brownwood
Neck Material Family Birch
String Number 6
Number of Frets 17
Pickup Configuration H
Pickup Brand Aguilar
Pickup Active/Passive Active, Passive
Tremolo Yes, No
Tremolo Brand Aria
Left-Friendly? Yes, No

Boden Standard 6 reviews & comparison videos

Boden Standard 6 reviews & comparison

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