Boden Standard 6 Tremolo Maple

Here’s an upgraded Guitar with awesome effects at a lower price

The Strandberg company has always provided sleek and headless guitars. Guitar legends have told stories of the efficiency and excellent results they portray. The Standard 6 Tremolo Maple is one of their top-selling series. 

You must have seen Plini, Sarah Longfield, and others making good music with Stranndbergs on stage. This recent version of the Boden Series is an upgraded version of the previous giants. However, it comes at a far more affordable price; let’s check it out.


What are the upgrades?

The Standard 6 Tremolo is a replica of its previous Boden version, just with an advanced Tremolo effect. 

It comes from a long line of Boden Strandbergs. The latest addition to this series is the sleek body and lower price range. It comes with a figured Maple top veneer and its own designed pickups, which have been regarded by many as outstanding.

This recent build enhances the body, reduces the market price, and still delivers top-notch performance. 


Standard 6 Tremolo Maple: A solid and extremely light body

The Standard 6 Tremolo body is Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and is chambered. This body material makes it waterproof and chemically resistant.

Like every other Strandberg guitar, this guitar is headless; this helps reduce the weight and strain you play.


A light Fretboard for easy picking

The Standard 6 Tremolo Maple considers how we play at separate sections of the fretboard. The specially designed Birchwood neck allows our fingers to access harsh notes with ease, whether low or high up the neck.

 It provides a very high opportunity for players because it holds 17 frets which helps them test their limit. It also allows players to vet and improves the level of their proficiency.


The perfect sound range for an ideal build

The Standard 6 Tremolo Maple is a welcome addition to the Tremolo guitar group. However, by watching how the guitar resonates to produce its desired Tremolo effect, you can conclude that it is one of the best in the field.


Conclusion – what we think about the Standard 6 Tremolo Maple

From the effect we noticed in our sound lab, we can boldly say Strandberg is trying to make their guitars available to all. The Standard 6 Tremolo Maple is a full package with a lighter body and a lower price. 

With guitars like the Standard 6 Tremolo Maple out, guitarists can now master folk, pop, jazz, and the likes with ease. Check out how it sounds with our demo player here.


Boden Standard 6 Tremolo Maple technical specifications

Manufacturer Strandberg
Series Boden
Made In Indonesia
GTIN 14 00819052021181
Manufacturer Part Number BD6TCT-18S-M-FV-BL
Serial Number C1910401
Colour Black
Left/Right Handed Left Handed, Right Handed
Body Type Chambered
Body Shape Family Other
Top Material Family Ash
Body Material Family Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
Fretboard Material Family Brownwood
Neck Material Family Birch
String Number 6
Number of Frets 17
Pickup Configuration H
Pickup Brand Aguilar
Pickup Active/Passive Active, Passive
Tremolo Yes, No
Tremolo Brand Aria
Left-Friendly? Yes, No

Boden Standard 6 Tremolo Maple reviews & comparison videos

Boden Standard 6 Tremolo Maple reviews & comparison

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