Often regarded as the best sounding Martin guitar.

When it comes to acoustic guitars, Martin is highly regarded and for a reason. Martin brought to us musicians the acoustic guitar as we know it, and the HD-28 is a heck of an acoustic guitar. Most people take the HD-28 for a “nicer looking D-28” and that is wrong. Yes, both guitars do share a lot of the specifications, woods and measurements, but an important difference between the both can be found in the bracing. Both useย Forward-Shifted X-Brace technique, the HD-28 has scalloped braces while the D-28 does not. This gives the HD-28 a fuller and louder bottom end, and helps its clarity too. Many players consider the HD-28 to be the best sounding, yet affordable Martin guitar. While we cannot comment on wether that is right or wrong, we do think it is a great sounding acoustic guitar. Add it to the player, take it for a spin and see how you like it.

HD-28 technical specifications

Manufacturer Martin
Series Standard Series
String Number 6
Body Type Family Dreadnought
Body Type Square Shoulder
Cutaway? No
Solid/Laminate Wood Solid Body, Solid Top
Top Material Sitka Spruce
Body Material East Indian Rosewood
Fretboard Material Ebony
Neck Material Select Hardwood
Number of Frets 20
Neck joint at 14th fret
Scale Length (inch) 25.4
Nut Width (inch) 1.75
Finish Natural
Amplification Unamplified
Pickup Active/Passive No Pickup
Left-Friendly? Yes
Left/Right Handed Right Handed
Based on famous model? Martin D-28
Made In USA
GTIN 14 00729789064002, 04250326274135

HD-28 reviews & comparison videos

HD-28 reviews & comparison

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