Hummingbird Pro

Great as an Acoustic

The key to a great acoustic guitar is good tone. To achieve good tone you need the right materials and an excellent level of craftsmanship. Having compared the two, we’re happy to say that, for the most part, the Gibson Hummingbird Pro delivers the same quality of sound as its twin.

The main difference between them comes down to the change in body size. Where the original prioritised its bassier end at the cost of comfort, the pro’s smaller body does come with a slight sacrifice in this regard. That being said, the sacrifice is minute, and the Hummingbird Pro more than makes up for it with its crisp, bright tone on the mid to high notes.

Overall, it has an excellent unplugged sound, so if you’re looking for an instrument that will be just as much a pleasure to practise on as it will be to perform with, then this could be the right guitar for you.

But how does the Gibson Hummingbird Pro sound through an amp?

A great acoustic sound is all well and good, but you’re no doubt wondering how the Hummingbird Pro sounds when it’s plugged in? If you’re looking to record your music or to perform on stage, then this is probably the most important question and we’re happy to say that this guitar won’t disappoint you.

In terms of pickups, the Hummingbird Pro is fitted with the  L.R. Baggs Element system giving you a clear sound that’s easy to use. It offers good control tone control, allowing you to adjust for the acoustics of the venue. On the other hand, it has a relatively simple interface, making it easy to plug in and play.

Hummingbird Pro technical specifications

Manufacturer Gibson
Series ‘-
String Number 6
Body Type Family Dreadnought
Body Type Square Shoulder
Cutaway? No
Top Material Sitka Spruce
Body Material Mahogany
Neck Material Mahogany
Number of Frets 21
Neck joint at 14th fret
Scale Length (inch) 25.5
Nut Width (inch) 1.69
Finish Vintage Sunburst
Amplification Piezo
Pickup Active/Passive Active
Pickup Brand L.R. Baggs
Pickup Model Element
Left-Friendly? No
Left/Right Handed Right Handed
Based on famous model? Hummingbird
Made In USA
GTIN 14 711106105833

Hummingbird Pro reviews & comparison videos

Hummingbird Pro reviews & comparison

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