Silver (Silky) Oak isn’t actually an Oak, in facts it’s closer to the sycamore family. Don’t let the colour lure you into thinking this is a cold sounding guitar however as the Silky Oak has excellent bass/mid/treble balance and a very transparent midrange register.  The overall sound seems to have a less aggressive edge with a few more delicate nuances than normally used woods. 

The issue with most acoustic guitar pick ups is they sound little to nothing like the original tone of the guitar itself, this is what Cole Clark aims to fix with the PG3.
The approach is simple, different types of acoustic pick up systems have specific strengths and weaknesses, Cole Clark uses 3 different types and only relies on the strengths of each.
Using a Face Sensor for the mid range, an under bridge Piezo for the low end and an in body condenser microphone to capture the highs, therefore removing the familiar Piezo “zing”.

AN2 EC SSO technical specifications

Manufacturer Cole Clark
Series Angel 2
String Number 6
Body Type Family Auditorium
Body Type Grand Auditorium
Cutaway? Yes
Solid/Laminate Wood Solid Body, Solid Top
Top Material AA grade Silky Oak
Body Material AA grade Silky Oak
Fretboard Material She Oak
Neck Material Queensland Maple
Number of Frets 20
Neck joint at 14th fret
Scale Length (inch) 25.59
Nut Width (inch) 1.73
Finish Natural Satin
Amplification Sensor and Piezo
Pickup Active/Passive Active
Pickup Brand Cole Clark
Pickup Model PG3 pickup system
Left-Friendly? No
Left/Right Handed Right Handed
Made In Australia
GTIN 14 09348890012811

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