Versatility meets Quality 

The Astrospurt Phaser is another outstanding effects pedal made in Germany. KMA’s take on the classic four-stage JFET based Phaser takes this modulation not one but two steps further. The controls are simple and smart. The output level is controlled by the SIGNAL knob, the wet/dry blend is achieved via the MIX knob and the DEPTH controls the intensity of the phasing. The slightly bigger knob called SPURT controls the speed which is indicated by two LED’s. And as if this wasn’t enough they added the EMPH knob that can be enabled via a tiny switch on the left to add some crazy noise, more oscillation and sonic artifacts. And for the sound geeks there’s still more to discover with some internal controls…

It’s all-analog, true-bypass and absolute high quality when it comes to parts, manufacture and sound.
Besides, the price is more than reasonable!

Astrospurt technical specifications

Manufacturer KMA Audio Machines
Made In Germany
FX Phaser
Type Pedal
Jacks mounted on Sides
Bypass True Bypass
Battery? No
Voltage 9
Polarity Center Negative
Circuit Analog
Tube equipped? No
Weight (in kg) 0.35
Based on famous model? MXR Phase 90
Width (in cm) 9.2
Height (in cm) 5.3
Depth (in cm) 11.8

Astrospurt reviews & comparison videos

Astrospurt reviews & comparison

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