Pantheon Dual Overdrive Deluxe

Wampler Pedal Pantheon Deluxe

When Wampler released their Pantheon Overdrive, a Marshall Bluesbreaker MK1 type of a pedal, it became an instant hit. The small pedal offered a lot of tone options, which brought Wampler fans to suggest Brian Wampler an improvement to it; Make it a dual channel pedal is what they said. Well, Brian Wampler listened.

Dual Channel, not the same channel twice

At first instance, one might think that the Wampler Pantheon Dual Overdrive Deluxe is simply a pedal consists of two Wampler Pantheon overdrive channels. But actually, both channels are not identical. CH 1 is based on the Marshall Bluesbreaker MK1, while CH 2 has ties to the Analog Man King Of Tone (which also originated in a Bluesbreaker circuit).

Solo ’em or Stack ’em

The gain options on this pedal are endless, well almost endless. On the left side of the pedal you’ll find two switches for Voice and Gain. Gain will let you switch between lower, mid and higher gain options, while Voice will allow you to select between three clipping options. Then, on the face of the pedal you will see a toggle switch. This one controls the stacking order of the channels. A lot of tone options to choose from. And of course, you can turn each channel on or off, giving you the freedom to switch from soft drive to more drive quickly.

Presence for a dark day

Am important feature of the Wampler Pantheon Dual Overdrive Deluxe is the Presence control. Some guitars are dark sounding, some guitars are bright sounding. The Presence control helps you brighten or darken your tone to your liking, based on your guitar. It affects both channels, and is pretty sensitive so the recommendation is to start from low presence and go up until you hit the sweet spot.

Pantheon Dual Overdrive Deluxe technical specifications

Manufacturer Wampler
Made In USA
Manufacturer Part Number Dual Pantheon
Year 2020's
FX Overdrive
Type Pedal
Jacks mounted on Top
Bypass True Bypass
Battery? No
Voltage 9
Polarity Center Negative
Circuit Analog
Tube equipped? No
Colour Blue
Weight (in kg) 0.5
Based on famous model? Wampler Pantheon Overdrive, Marshall Bluesbreaker MK1
Famous Users Lee Alexander
Special Features Dual Channel Overdrive with channel stacking
Width (in cm) 11.4
Height (in cm) 3.8
Depth (in cm) 8.9
GTIN 14 00763815133218

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Pantheon Dual Overdrive Deluxe reviews & comparison

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