From clean tube boost to a fat tube distortion, the Blackstar HT Drive is a one mean machine. 

The guitar’s best friend is the amp, preferably a tube amp. Cranking the gain stage up and letting the tubes do their work driving your sound. Problem is, tube amps can be sensitive to transportation and usually are pretty heavy. Gladly, Blackstar got us all covered with their HT-Drive.

The HT Drive is a valve overdrive, which can be used as a clean boost as well as a screaming valve distortion. It uses a Class A tone control which makes sure your guitar tone stays as natural as it is and in combination with Blackstar’s ISF control you can set your tone exactly as you want it to be.

One feature on the HT Drive we absolutely love is the Speaker emulated output. What it means is, that you can plug the HT-Drive straight to a PA or your DAW, and enjoy a great tube amp style sound without actually carrying your amp around.

HT-Drive technical specifications

Manufacturer Blackstar Amplification
Series HT Pedals
Made In China
FX Overdrive
Type Pedal
Jacks mounted on Sides
Bypass True Bypass
Battery? No
Voltage 9
Polarity Center Negative
Circuit Analog
Tube equipped? Yes
Colour Silver
Weight (in kg) 1.2
Width (in cm) 16
Height (in cm) 8
Depth (in cm) 12
GTIN 14 00845644000012

HT-Drive reviews & comparison videos

HT-Drive reviews & comparison

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