Electro-Harmonix Hot Tubes Overdrive

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The original Hot Tubes from the late-1970’s gained cult status due to use by Sonic Youth among others.
The pedal emulates Valves/Tubes pushed to break up and far beyond therefore anything after 12 O’clock on the Drive & Gain knobs sends the pedal into fuzz territory.

Single Coils manage to maintain a level of overdrive longer than a humbucker equipped guitar, likewise the choice of amp makes a huge difference.

EHX say “The Hot Tubes’ unique paracyclic filter makes it a most versatile distortion device. From warm overdrive to vacuum tube Big Muff sustain to the heaviest metal tube driven screams, you won’t find a creamier distortion than the Hot Tubes. Powered by AC adapter and toroidal transformer that drives two Electro-Harmonix tubes to maximum voltage!”

Electro-Harmonix Hot Tubes Overdrive technical specifications

Manufacturer Electro-Harmonix
Made In USA
FX Overdrive
Type Pedal
Jacks mounted on Top
Bypass Buffered Bypass
Battery? No
Voltage 12
Polarity Proprietary PSU
Circuit Analog
Tube equipped? Yes
Weight (in kg) 0.50
Width (in cm) 12
Height (in cm) 4.7
Depth (in cm) 18.9

Electro-Harmonix Hot Tubes Overdrive reviews & comparison videos

Hot Tubes Overdrive reviews & comparison

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