Joyo JF-35 Pocket Metal

JOYO JF-35 sounds like a Randall on steroids. 

The pocket metal, of course, is suited for metal and does fine in a hard rock setting as well. One really great feature is that the pedal isn’t noisy at volume. The JF-35 has a unique mid-range control adjustment, as this frequency range is of more concern in heavy metal than the highs are. Scoop or add grit, just by making a quick adjustment on the huge bright white knob. All told the JF-35 from JOYO audio gets the job done and leaves you with spending cash to invest in strings, cables and all the other essential gear that it takes to get a good sound. The pocket metal distortion pedal will inspire you and afford you with that modern metal crunch.

Joyo JF-35 Pocket Metal technical specifications

Manufacturer Joyo
Made In China
GTIN 14 06943206700791
FX Distortion
Type Pedal
Jacks mounted on Sides
Bypass True Bypass
Battery? Yes
Polarity Center Negative
Circuit Digital
Tube equipped? No
Weight (in kg) 0.24

Joyo JF-35 Pocket Metal reviews & comparison videos

JF-35 Pocket Metal reviews & comparison

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