Tone Bender V828 (1968)

What is the Fuzz effect all about?ย 

The Vox Tone Bender is a well-known pedal in the fuzz sphere. Guitars have been using its beautiful effects for decades now.

A fuzz effect is a special type of distortion that involves a strong cluster of harmonic overtones. It is a form of hard time that tilts your signal to very high frequencies.

One of these first pedals to show this was the Sola Sound Tone Bender. You can hear it in hits by the greatest guitar players of the mid-โ€™60s and easily understand what the fuss was all about.

Vox wanted a piece of the pie and produced their version of the Tone Bender by JEN in Italy.


Vox Tone Bender V828 (1968): A legend in the pedal world

The Jennings Musical Industries purchased the rights to produce the Sola Sound fuzz pedals and rebranded it into the first Vox Tone Bender in the early 1960s. The pedal uses the SFT363 and SFT337 germanium transistors and sounds incredible. Therefore, it is different from the original Sola Sound Tone Bender, which uses a pair of OC76.

This pedal comes in both black and grey casings. It is an analogue pedal that works on a 9V power. The Vox Tone Bender has two control knobs; the Attack knob is used to regulate the sharpness of the fuzz, while the Level knob controls the intensity.

Many guitar legends have used and testified to the uniqueness of this fuzz pedal. They include the Beatles, John Lennon, Billy Corgan and a host of others.


Tonepediaโ€™s thoughts on this Fuzz pedal

The Vox Tone bender is indeed a legend, so if you want to get a feel of the late 20th-century concert, it is definitely your go-to pedal.

You can test how this pedal sounds on different guitars with our demo player and compare it with other fuzz pedals.


Tone Bender V828 (1968) technical specifications

Manufacturer Vox
Series Tone Bender
Made In Italy
Year 1968
FX Fuzz
Type Pedal
Jacks mounted on Top
Bypass True Bypass
Battery? Yes
Voltage 9
Circuit Analog
Tube equipped? No
Weight (in kg) 0.75
Famous Users Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix
Width (in cm) 11
Height (in cm) 8
Depth (in cm) 21.6

Tone Bender V828 (1968) reviews & comparison videos

Tone Bender V828 (1968) reviews & comparison

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