SCF Gold

SCF  Gold

The SCF was the first pedal TC Electronic ever released and it was so popular that it started its epic journey.
45 years later TC has reissued the iconic pedal featuring a few modern upgrades while retaining it’s core nature.
But what are these upgrades and why were they needed?

SCF Upgrades

Although the circuit is the same found in the original 1976 model, the analog pre-amp has been upgraded.
TC say this results in more headroom and dynamic range with a touch more bottom end.
The original SCF’s power cable was hardwired, sticking out the side but the new 9v top-mounted jack sorts this.
This also results in the sides being clear making the SCF gold very pedalboard friendly.
The SCF gold features a slightly bigger LED which purists may contest but it’s perfect for use on stage.

The Sound Of Silence

The original SCF came out when pedals would affect tone just by plugging them in, and switching them on could lead to tonnes of white noise.
The SFC gained the nickname “The Sound of Silence” from its fans because the noise floor was very low.
This has been improved on even more now too, isn’t it great buying a pedal for how quiet it can be.

3 In 1

SCF stands for Stereo, Chorus & Flanger but that’s not all, there’s a pitch modulation!
Pitch modulation feels like vibrato which is great for adding movement to your tone.
If you have the chance, run this in stereo because you will get an even greater level of depth.
The tones may sound familiar to you if you’re a fan of famous players such as Eric Johnson.
Are you a fan of the Van Halen micro pitch tones because those too can be found with just the right settings.
If you want a tool to get those 80’s tones then this is it.

QC Control

TC promise that each unit is hand-checked, ensuring each pedal is like the original, so you can buy one with confidence.

SCF Gold technical specifications

Manufacturer TC Electronic
Made In China
Year 2020's
FX Chorus
Additional FX Flanger, Modulation, Pitch Shifter
Type Pedal
Jacks mounted on Top
Bypass Buffered Bypass
Battery? No
Voltage 9
Polarity Center Negative
Circuit Analog
Tube equipped? No
Colour Black
Weight (in kg) 0.34
Based on famous model? TC Electronic SCF
Famous Users Eric Johnson
Width (in cm) 9.4
Height (in cm) 4.8
Depth (in cm) 12.7
GTIN 14 04033653016797

SCF Gold reviews & comparison videos

SCF Gold reviews & comparison

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