Angel Wing Chorus

Another Quality Effect From Tone City

In the last few years, Tone City have been fighting to corner the budget mini pedal market, and their surprisingly affordable yet high-quality effects really are pushing the boundaries of what guitarists can expect from their gear. Of course, Tone City aren’t the only brand to try to make compact or affordable effects, but where other brands have sought to reproduce the classics, Tone City have improved upon them, building beautiful effects to an incredible standard.
All that brings us to the Angel Wing Chorus. The Angel Wing is a gorgeous mini Chorus pedal with a major sound. Could this be one of the best chorus pedals on the market?

Is This The Best Mini Chorus Pedal Around?

If you want to be the best, then you have to be able to compete in the big leagues. Now, this is only a mini pedal, meaning there simply isn’t space for some of the more advanced settings you’d expect to see on something like the Boss CE-5 but with a sound this good, the Angel Wing will have you questioning whether you even need them.
Furthermore, the Angel Wing is fully analogue and has that wonderfully warm sound to show it.

Should You Buy The Angel Wing Chorus?

It should be pretty clear by now that we really like this little pedal. It’s got a great sound, a great price, and it’s so small you’ll be able to squeeze it onto just about any pedal board you have. That being said, there is one major downside. The Angel Wing Chorus (just like all other Tone City pedals) doesn’t run on batteries, so you’ll have to be careful to make sure you always have access to mains electricity.

So is it the best you can buy?
Well, that’s up for you to decide. For a truly unbiased sound review, you’ll have to give it a listen and you can do just that here at TonePedia.

Angel Wing Chorus technical specifications

Manufacturer Tone City
Series Mini Pedals
Made In China
FX Chorus
Type Pedal
Jacks mounted on Sides
Bypass True Bypass
Battery? No
Voltage 9
Polarity Center Negative
Circuit Analog
Tube equipped? No
Weight (in kg) 0.25
Width (in cm) 4.2
Height (in cm) 5.2
Depth (in cm) 9.3
GTIN 14 06970131360110

Angel Wing Chorus reviews & comparison videos

Angel Wing Chorus reviews & comparison

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