Plexi 18Watt (Tremolo)

A Plexi with true bias Tremolo! 

If you’re a rock or blues player, searching for an authentic sound at normal loudness level, then the Tube Amp Doctor Plexi 18 Watt is the amp for you. A normal and a tremolo channels will provide you with more than you need, and this amp really does deliver sound wise. Thanks to the ohm range on this head, you can couple it with any cab you like (if you are on the market for one, we suggest checking the ones from Tube Amp Doctor too). For its size, the Plexi 18 is a bit heavy, weighting at approx 10 Kg. Go tweak it on the player, see how you like it.

Plexi 18Watt (Tremolo) technical specifications

Manufacturer Tube Amp Doctor
Type Head
Circuit Tube
Wattage 18
Ohm 4
FX Tremolo
Based on famous model? Marshall Plexi
Made In Germany
Weight (in kg) 10
Width (in cm) 51
Height (in cm) 20.5
Depth (in cm) 20.1

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