MV50 CL Clean

A One pound, 50W guitar amplifier that delivers an authentic tube sound. Are we dreaming?

Vox’s MV50 series offers seriously innovative and tiny amplifiers which sport an analog preamp, tubes and weight one pound! The Clean version is the cleanest model within the MV50 series and as the name suggest, it really is clean. But once you crank up the volume it does saturates beautifully and thanks to the attenuator switch at the back you will not get the neighbours angry, unless you want to and then you can since this amplifier delivers no less than 50 Watts!

The beautiful thing about the MV50 Clean is that it does stay clean across most volume levels, unlike the infamous AC15 / AC30 combos, so if you are a jazz player or if you like your amp to be clean, yet loud, be sure to check the MV50 Clean.

To keep it compact and light, Vox did not overpack it with extra features such as reverb and so on. They kept it to the point: Treble, Bass, Volume and an EQ back switch for fine tuning of it’s overall sound when going through a small/big cabinet. Another great feature is the headphone out.

MV50 CL Clean technical specifications

Manufacturer Vox
Series MV50
Type Head
Circuit Hybrid
Wattage 12.5, 25, 50
Ohm 16, 4, 8
Made In Vietnam
Weight (in kg) 1
Width (in cm) 13.5
Height (in cm) 10
Depth (in cm) 7.5
GTIN 14 04959112167520

MV50 CL Clean reviews & comparison videos

MV50 CL Clean reviews & comparison

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