Tweed One-Twelve-16


The American which believed it was British

This Tube Amp Doctor, Tweed One-Twelve-16 Combo pays homage to the classic Tweed Deluxe which in itself was (and still is) an interesting amp.

What made the Fender amps of this time similar was their high clean head room which allowed players of blues and country to keep up with the increasing volumes bands were reaching in the 50’s.

The Tweed Deluxe however didn’t work this way, this amp became angry and beautiful and higher volumes in a similar manner to the Vox amps from Britain. This was due to the Vox’s and the Tweed Deluxe running their circuits in the same kind of way which negated negative feedback.

Lets bypass the technical talk and concentrate of the tones and how these amps in particular inspired pretty much every modern amp and how today we love the sound of an overdriving amp.

Much is to be said about how entire genres of music, ranges of pedals and guitars are built around this concept which all dates back to this pinnacle.

These amps come with point to point wiring and are available in KIT form for the DIY’ers out there.

This amp is ideal for gigs where you want wonderful chime, grunt and expect the audience to have hearing the day after.


Tweed One-Twelve-16 technical specifications

Manufacturer Tube Amp Doctor
Type Combo
Circuit Tube
Wattage 16
Speaker Configuration 1x12
Speaker Brand Jensen
Speaker Model P12R
Ohm 8
Based on famous model? Fender Deluxe 5E3
Made In Germany
Weight (in kg) 11
Width (in cm) 51
Height (in cm) 40.5
Depth (in cm) 25

Tweed One-Twelve-16 reviews & comparison videos

Tweed One-Twelve-16 reviews & comparison

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