Tweed One-6

For the guitar as well as the harp.

The small 6 watt Tube Amp Doctor Tweed One-6 is a lovely amp based on the legendary Princeton Tweed 5F2 by Fender. The 5F2 class A amp brought a new dimension of sound to the 1950’s thanks to its sweet tone. A somewhat secret of the pros is using these small amplifiers in the studio, driving them hot to get fat and juicy tones. Therefore the misconception that small amps are only good for the bedroom has no place here.

The Tweed One-6 is built to Tube Amp Doctor standards. It is a magnificent amplifier, it uses grand stack output transformer which is much bigger than the original ones found in vintage Fender Princeton Tweeds. This change allows you to work easily with 4,8 and 16 Ohm cabs but not only. The biggest advantage is in the tone, much more headroom and bass definition with no compromise on the original tone.

The Tube Amp Doctor Tweed One-6 is available as a finished amplifier or as a kit project. while it is not a beginners project, if you do have some experience in the field, we highly recommend the kit as it is fun to build with an awesome tone for an outcome.

Tweed One-6 technical specifications

Manufacturer Tube Amp Doctor
Type Combo
Circuit Tube
Wattage 6
Speaker Configuration 1x8
Speaker Brand Jensen
Speaker Model P8R
Ohm 8
Based on famous model? Fender Princeton 5F2 Tweed
Made In Germany
Weight (in kg) 10
Width (in cm) 45.7
Height (in cm) 45.2
Depth (in cm) 22.2

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