Blackface 22 Reverb

Retro ‘Verbs of the Deluxe Kind
The Classic Deluxe Reverb amps of years gone are what many people hear in their head when thinking about reverb. With this amp TAD have taken the pedigree extremely seriously, the amp sits at the pre CBS 22 Watts with a tube rectifier.
These amps utilise point to point hand soldered circuits with all the originals controls present and correct.
The tube driven reverb is the sound of generations and what this amp is best known for, after all it’s in the name. The vibrato (tremolo vintage correctly labelled wrong) circuit is also beautiful to play going from simple movement all the way up to rotary like sounds.

Crank this beauty up to get real tube overdrive, be careful though as it will get loud!

The 12″ Jensen LJEC12Q-8 speaker is perfectly matched to provide the tones of the Jensen’s found in the original amps.
If you’re so inclined these amps can be bought in kit form for you to build at home yourself.

Blackface 22 Reverb technical specifications

Manufacturer Tube Amp Doctor
Type Combo
Circuit Tube
Wattage 22
Speaker Configuration 1x12
Speaker Brand Jensen
Speaker Model LJEC12Q-8
Ohm 8
FX Reverb
Based on famous model? Fender Deluxe Reverb
Made In Germany
Weight (in kg) 19
Width (in cm) 61.5
Height (in cm) 43
Depth (in cm) 24.1

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