A Classic Tube Amp From VOX

If you love a good rock concert, then the chances are you’ve spent more than a few hours dancing away to the awesome power of a VOX amp. Icons of amplification, VOX are popular around the world for their high-quality tube amps and the AC30C2X is no exception.

The Power Of The AC30C2X

Perhaps the most iconic amp in Vox’s pedigree, the AC30 really made its name as the sound of British Invasion. With its quartet of EL84 power tubes, 12″ Alnico Blue Speakers, and unbeatable overdrive sound, it’s not hard to see why it took off so well. At an intense 30 Watts, this amp combines tone and power to create something truly spectacular. Put simply, this is the kind of amp most guitarists dream of owning.

The VOX Legacy

As a brand, VOX are right up there with the likes of Marshall for being synonymous with high-end amplification. It really is hard to understate just how beloved these amps are and the AC30 is definitely a major part of that. This was the amp of The Beetles, The Who, Hank Marvin, and so many other unforgettable British artists.
But it’s not just Britain. The legacy of the AC30 is international, having also been used by the likes of Tom Petty and Peter Tork.

Now, that’s all well and good, we hear you saying, but what does it sound like?
Well, the simple answer is that it sounds however you make it sound. The AC30 is under your control and can work wonders for everything from hard rock, to R&B, to Brit Pop and more.

But there’s no need for us to try and convince you. Here at TonePedia, we like to let the gear speak for itself, so give it a listen and decide for yourself if you think the AC30C2X lives up to the hype.

AC30C2X technical specifications

Manufacturer Vox
Series AC30
Type Combo
Circuit Tube
Wattage 30
Speaker Configuration 2x12
Speaker Brand Celestion
Speaker Model Alnico Blue
Ohm 16
FX Reverb, Tremolo
Special Features Fixed bias
Made In China
Weight (in kg) 33
Width (in cm) 70.2
Height (in cm) 55.6
Depth (in cm) 26.5
GTIN 14 04959112075603

AC30C2X reviews & comparison videos

AC30C2X reviews & comparison

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